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New 1st…on it’s final stages

Over the last couple of months I have been actively re-editing and formatting the new First Degree Lessons for Sacred Mists.  I was a part of the original creation and editing so falling into edit mode with this was absolutely fabulous.

It has been amazing to sit down and re-read these new lessons which were written by Sacred Mists for Sacred Mists.  Some of the writers have gone on to other things; however, the lessons and legacy they leave behind is absolutely beautiful.

My goal is to have this completely ready for release within the next 4 weeks to new students and anyone who wishes to switch over from the old lessons.  I’ve submitted a roll-out plan proposal to see if my ideas for the roll out are feasible and in line with what Lady Raven wants for this.  Adjustments made and everythign put into place. 🙂

For now I am off to work on the new syllabus for the lessons which, I cannot say enough about.  They are much more in depth, they include practical exercises and so much information!  XOXO

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A time of Zoom!

I started this post on Monday morning intending it to be a weekend of zoom where the weekend quickly vanished with barely touching me.

Today is Friday.  Where on earth have the last 5 days gone?  Gosh it seems like just yesterday the week was starting out and I was getting things rolling for another full and busy week.  Well I got the full and busy part right for sure.

I’ve begun working with Lady Raven on assisting with the review and feedback/grading of third degree homework.  This is all a part of my current batch of lesson work and come my time in California, I shall be initiated as a Third Degree Priestess of Sacred Mists and from there we can discuss where my next steps will be taken and what all my path shall entail going forward.  I foresee much meditation in the coming weeks as I try to prepare myself for something that is truly heart felt and emotional.

Over the last 6 years (yes it’s taken me that long as life does so enjoy throwing monkey wrenches to slow you down) I have enjoyed each lesson I have begun.  Each has brought me closer to my path, my coven and my circle.  I truly feel the very breath of the Coven when I begin my work day.

With every chance and in every breath, I am beginning to feel as if a fog is being lifted from around me.  To realize that I have been walking through a Dark Night of the Soul brings many “ah-ha!” moments along with it.  First the ah-ha from realizing that’s where you have been and in a transitional state.

What will I find on the other side?  I don’t know but apparently I have been fearing to take that step.  Nope no more, I am making the call today and will finally do what I have not yet been able to do.  I will bring my spirit back together and make it whole again.  I will not shun my talents and gifts.  I will continue to grow and live my path.

The Dragonfly symbolizes renewal and in general the power of life and living.  A sense of the self that comes with age and maturity, great change and growth.

Dragonfly is one of my primary Power Animal’s and has been for quite sometime.  I honor dragonfly and the spirit of growth, change and the happiness of new beginnings that this power animal brings to my life.  It is once again time to step through the veil and emerge stronger, lighter in spirit and begin to grow even further.

The dream of my death, was but a warning of sorts to not fight the flow of events, to work within what I am given and I will emerge stronger and in a sense reborn.  yep time for that phone call.  I guess this turned into more than I had intended.  Hehe.

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Interesting turn of events…

It has been an interesting few days around my home.  There has been a lot of tension surrounding work (both mine and my husbands), schedule changes, lots to do and not enough hours in a day to do it all.

Yesterday I was forced to slow down.  I went to bed Tuesday evening with a headache that was tolerable and ignored the ‘aura’ that I had signalling a pending Migraine.

I woke up yesterday in so much pain I could have cried.  It was horrible.  After slurking downstairs slowly and carefully I began my day.  I really can’t ‘miss’ a day of work the way I used to be able to.  I can’t afford the time down and away as things get behind and well catching up stinks.  By 2pm I was in more pain.  The entire left side of my head was screaming.  I compared it to someone taking a kitchen aid to that side of my brain or trying to grow another head quickly out of the side of my head.  Anyway I took my last Imitrix and laid down in the other room with the newest cat.  I laid there napping for just over an hour then got up and went to my bed.  Gingerly I laid down and slept.  I slept for about 2.5 hours then decided to come downstairs to turn off the PC.  When the hubby got home, I had a small dinner and digested for a half hour or so then back to bed.

While eating…we talked about the day etc like we always do.  I apparently gave him a brief heartattack that morning before he went to work.  I slept with only the sheet and my arms uncovered.  Apparently this made me cold to the touch and I was not responding to his voice the way I usually do.  *insert panic attack*  After a moment I mumbled something and then he got ready for work.

When I laid back down I promptly fell asleep and then had a horrific nightmare of my own death.  I can’t recall much but I remember feeling cold and lifting away.  I would normally say that I am not afraid of death and dying.  I have been around those who are crossing over and been present as they did so.  This shook me to my very core.  I was terrified of life being over.

I am truly not sure where the fear came from as I have looked into the face of death as a dear friend passed over while I held his hand.  I have watched another friend fade from vibrant man to wasted body and unable to speak (pancreatic cancer).  I have said good-bye to friend and family alike.  The thought of not having more time with my husband horrified me.  I know in my heart and spirit I will live for sometime yet but the fear is there now.  Something I did not have before.  Something I need to touch on.  Something I need to approach and work through.  Perhaps another shadow quest to meet with Hades.  As Lord of the Underworld, perhaps a chat with him will help me understand a few things that are on my mind.  How lovely that this all happened around the New Moon.  New time for understanding.

I will be calling Marisol today or tomorrow to make my appointment for my Soul Retrieval.  The time is now.  I was given one moon cycle to complete this and half of it is over.  I suppose I will do that next week and then write about what is discovered….so much happening at once…

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May I? Yes you May

I can hardly believe that it is May already, time seems to fly by faster than ever as life gets busier and busier.

On the last day of April I was confronted with a need to slow down a little.  My husband and I went to his place of employment (my former place of employment) as there was an extremely friendly cat that was hanging out.  It breaks my hear when cats are dumped off somewhere and left to fend for themselves.

Sure enough this little one was a beautiful tortoise shell.  She’s been outside long enough to have developed self-defense mechanisms on her eyes called “Florida Spots”, to have been picked up – fixed – notched and released again.  Yet she knows people.  She knows how to play without using her claws or hurting.  She knows what it means to get petted and loved on.  People stink sometimes.

I spent my Beltane weekend tending to her needs and sharing my home with her.  Today she is still in my home, has been given a clean bill of health from the vet and we begin socializing her with the rest of the cats.

It is no small coincidence that we brought her home on Beltane.  I feel very strongly that she is meant to be here with us and perhaps will restore some semblance of balance to my home evening out the numbers to 3 males 3 females in the house (this number includes my husband and myself).  There is something significant with the number three to me, itis the number of balance, it is a number of Maiden, Mother, Crone.  Yes good things shall come.

With all these things happening in the ‘mundane’ my spiritual side has been given a backseat while I steal moments of outdoor beauty, a brief prayer, an affirmation or a cleansing in the shower.   Each thing to me is of great importance and balance.  Yes.  Balance is the key.

Yet again this weekend we are heading to Davie to take care of my in-laws yard while they are on the Great American Trek in their RV.  I love, getting on the mower and just going for an hour or so while I mow the acre’ish yard.  This weekend I will remember my camera so that I can take pictures while I cut the grass.  It’s a beautiful time of peace for me.  I tend to be very meditative as I work.  Connecting to the Earth around me.  I can’t wait!

So much is going on but so little time to write it all out.  More later if I can manage the time. 🙂

Be blessed.

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