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Every once in a while you have to sit and take stock of what is happening around you.  You must accept ownership of your actions, your reactions and evaluate what is needed going forward.

Lately, I have been in a funk.  This morning (last night I had a really bad headache) I performed my Shadow Quest for the New Moon.  I re-discovered a few things about myself and discovered some new ones.  Some of the hardest lessons I have gone through in the course of my studies have involved my feelings of not being good enough, trying to do too much as a result of that and falling on my face.  Ah yes the dreaded Wonder Woman Syndrome. LOL  Continuing on, I discovered that I still am feeling the repercussions of the days when I turned away from all my natural gifts and talents to be something I was not.  The result of that is that my talents are watered down and I have to really work hard at some things in order to actually see results when I remember them being much easier long ago.

It seems that now is the time for a Soul Retrieval to bring the shards missing and fractured back to the whole.   In addition to this, I seem to have a focus ahead of me that will change the way things are for me in both my spiritual and professional lives.  These changes are not so much a change as they are a metamorphosis and growth process into something of the next stage.

Seems to me that I have a bit of work ahead of me that involves a great deal of spiritual healing.  Guess I will be calling Marisol soon and getting an appointment with her.  I will allow the healing to begin and shall go into the crysallis for it allowing it to envelope me and evolve me.  When I emerge…I am not sure what is going to be there but I am rather excited to begin the process.

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Shadow Questing with the Full Moon

Here is the Shadow Quest meditation that I will be doing tonight with the Full Moon.  This is as previously mentioned adapted from one I wrote for the Third Degree Lessons which was adapted from another meditation I had printed out many years ago for inclusion in my book of shadows.  This quest resonates very deeply with me as a personal journey to overcome emotions which do not benefit my life and path as I walk it.  I will post tomorrow what the outcome of my meditation is and any lessons that I uncover.

Without further adieu here is the meditation I will be using:


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Full Moon Blessings

This full moon unlike many of the ones of the recent past I see many things taking shape within me.

We are working with a Full Moon in Scorpio a sign of intensity and passion.  A wonderful time to reach down into the underworld of our emotions where they are raw and true.  Here you find the hidden meanings of your anger and frustrations as they lie deep within your emotions.

From BeliefNet:

This Full Moon features a “T-square” with a conjunction of Mercury to the Sun, suggesting that the mind is to be fully engaged at this time with reason and that understanding playing a key part in the dance.

A square of Mars to the Sun/Mercury conjunction on the one side, and the Scorpio Moon on the other, completes the T-square with a powerful burst of energy and aggression. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and this tight aspect to the lunation heightens the emotional intensity that is present at that time.

Seems to me like a perfect time to do some Shadow Questing to reach deep within to resolve deep hurt and the anger that hurt has caused.

Today during the day I have my desktop altar set and prepared for doing some Shadow Questing tonight as well as the work that I do throughout the day.  Currently burning is my Deep Blue Sacred Mists Votive which I use as a focal during the day to bring healing and other energies to those in my Coven & Circle as they have requested.

You can see the bottle of Beltane Oil sitting to the left (the red oil) waiting to be used and barely see behind my tray that is used for incense and salt my Beltane Candle, both ready to be used this weekend for my Beltane Ritual.  To the front of my tray and bowls you see two black votives.  These are the candles that I will burn for Shadow Questing tonight.  Sometime ago, I wrote a Shadow Quest Meditation for the Third Degree Course at Sacred Mists to confront and overcome a fear.  I am working on a modification of this Meditation to find the hidden meaning and source of the frustration that I have been feeling as of late.  The frustration must be resolved so that I can continue forward on my journey.

My goal is to recover my personal power and revoke the frustration so that my days once again become smooth and without drama (well minimal drama truly would be fantastic).  I can almost feel an intense and path altering transformation just ahead of me.  I am not sure what it means as I come to a close (soon) of the Third Degree coursework and continue on through my next pathway.  I don’t know what lies ahead for me but I have a deep desire to continue on, to teach, to work in the local community and to attend and facilitate events.

We shall see what happens but it’s big and it’s coming for me.

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On the wrong side?

Today was a bit of an interesting day for me.  I woke up with sort of a very blank slate for an overall ‘attitude’ my day could have easily gone one way or the other without too much effort.  Once a direction was started; however, it would set the tone for the day.  This was going to be one of those days that I had to watch very closely to keep my balance in check & to remain centered.

Once I got downstairs and was ready to start my day I realized that the pendulum had swung to ‘the wrong side of the bed’ kind of day.  For no reason I was surrounded by grumpiness this sent me over the edge of grumpy.  I spent sometime in a rather foul mood, allowing the mood to be and to not fight it.  It took most of the day to get through it.  By the time it was time to ‘go home’ for the day I had settled into a quiet ‘funk’.

After relaxing for a little bit I headed off to bed.  Problem.  I slept maybe an hour.  Then was wide awake.  Oh well.  So here it is 4am and I am still awake and still WIDE awake.  I have contemplated naval lint, I have studied, I have gamed.  I guess I won’t be sleeping before heading to Davie today.

I am however, in a great mood.  The funk seems to have lifted and the insomnia seems to be a make up for the craptacular way Friday was. ha!

I shall spend my morning atop a Riding Lawn Mower and cut the grass at my in-laws.  It will indeed be beautiful out and the sunrise I am sure will be beautiful.  What a great way to start the day.

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Achievements and the trail they blaze

On Monday of this very week, a major project and accomplishment was unveiled.

For sometime now I have been working very closely with Lady Raven on the creation of an online source for our Third Degree Coursework.  This has all been very individualized with these very components for a while now but not in an online format.  Each component was presented to the individual to work on, as they came forward wanting to work.

This new program is not so different than what it was as the components are the same but they have EXPANDED into absolutely beautiful pathways for the Priest and Priestess to choose how and what they wish to specialize in.  There are several distinct pathways; Seer, Teacher, Counselor, Historian, Spell Weaver, Solitary and Healer are the pathways choices that you have after you have completed the first part of the Core curriculum.  This first Core was what we just released.

It was truly an honor being able to work so closely with Lady Raven on this project and I look forward to being able to continue to do it.  This single project has left an undeniable marking on my heart and spirit.

I feel a wind at my back as I move forward on my path, my hopes and dreams are visualized and coming to pass.  I see things coming at me and I am so happy to embrace each of the challenges that are lining up for me to tackle.  I am invigorated.  I am renewed.  My wings of life unfurling and casting me upward and onward.

I have a very strong sense of myself, my voice, my goals and seeing them all come to pass as a result of the building block achievements to date.  The release of this online version of the Third Degree is but the foundation for that which is coming ever towards Sacred Mists, towards Lady Raven, towards me.  EXCITED!  The rains are coming and cleansing away the stuffiness and fog to reveal crispness and life!

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From the Spring Rains

This weekend saw much rain here.  The rain that falls in the Spring is slightly cool (too cool to be outside playing in) with a gentle breeze behind it allowing it to reach in and around screens, sheds and pots to saturate the ground in it’s entirety.

These rains were gentle and steady with the Sun peeking through to check on the handy work of the Rain only to then wink behind the clouds in approval.

Before running errands on Saturday I was greeted by a lovely snail that was crawling through and out of a puddle on the top of our shed. This precious little one wanted to get out of the strong early day sun and find his way to a cooler place after having had a renewing bath.

Eventually he found his way underneath the shed and continued his journey onward.  It was absolutely awesome to behold this snail’s trek as he slowly made his way leaving a trail behind him.

This was a gentle reminder that in order to experience life and all that it has to offer us we must remember to take time to enjoy the showers and sunshine before returning to our journey.  We absolutely need to take time to enjoy all the wonders that life has to offer us.

It is at the meeting places of Rain and Sun that we are gifted with moments to treasure.  I was in a great deal of pain this weekend thanks to my much abused knees.  I still took time to enjoy the trek of this lovely creature before I rushed off to get things done that were on my list of to-do’s for the day.  As I was reminded to stop and watch to absorb the journey of life which I am currently engaged in, I found the many blessings in my life that I have despite the pain and struggles that may be present in other places of my life.

I have a wonderful job that is richly fulfilling to me spiritually and emotionally.   Each day I am given the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.  To reach them and offer them some peace, some blessings and a reminder that they are *not* alone that there is someone out there that thinks of them and wishes them well.  I have a wonderful husband who supports my choices for career, spirit and life.  He gives me unending amounts of love and joy as I make my own trek through this journey I call Life.

Though this Path offers me much challenge, many bumps and even some ‘drama’, from each bump and challenge I am offered a lesson.  A way for my own growth to peek through and evolve my spirit.

There is never a day that I do not feel thankful for some aspect of my life and my path.  Even when I am being tried and sometimes convicted of something, there is indeed a blessing.  I accept ownership for my growth, my path and my journey.

While I move at my snail’s pace through this path, I receive amazing amounts of support from my environment and from those in it.  Journey on Snail Friend, I shall join you in this and thank you for the reminder.

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Personal Growth

The path to personal growth requires that we know what we are called to heal and what we are not called to heal or fix.

We must never divide ourselves into good & bad or light & dark.  One simply cannot exist without the other, as witches in the service of our Goddesses and Gods, this is something we learn and come to know intimately, as an old friend.  We learn to care for our shadow as an important aspect of who we are.  Our younger self helps us with this through symbolism.  We are guided to grow and gain balance.  The symbolism the younger self uses may be interpreted to facilitate this growth.  These communications may be done through sensuality, art, dreams, vivid images such as jokes, irrational impulses and physical sensations.

It is important that we do not try to “improve” the self.  By thinking we need to improve ourselves, we are in essence saying we are not good enough in some way.  The same can be applied when trying to “correct” a painful, embarrassing or unhealthy habit.

Instead of trying to “improve” or “break bad habits”, you should instead discover habits or patterns that are healthier and more fun than the old.  Here you can seek guidance from both your younger and deep selves.  This guidance can be done via Sacred Art, Sacred Movement, Meditation, Shamanic Journey or Vision Questing.  During these events you allow yourself to be receptive to the growth you are looking for.

Remembering to take care when asking a question or stating your intention in inner workings and healings such as through Meditation, Shadow Quests or Shamanic Journey.  If you are not specific in your intention or are not honest with yourself regarding your intention your results will make little sense if any results appear at all.  As you continue down your chosen Path, you will be guided to heal yourself.  The key here is healing yourself to allow you to grow and evolve as a Spirit and Person.

An example of a healing could be that you wish to bridge a gap in a relationship with a family member.  This family member (or friend or lover) may have caused you emotional pain, distress or even physical pain and distress.  In order to heal your spirit and the relationship you must let go of the harmful emotions surrounding this person.  Not only must you let go but you must replace it with something of benefit to you and the relationship.  You cannot remove an emotion without replacing it with one more useful to you or more healthy one.

There may come a time when your growth may be stalled or something that causes you a great deal of stress will not go away.  Something to remember is that if the same thing keeps coming up, time and time again, there is a lesson that you have missed in the original ‘telling’ of it.  Sometimes, that lesson may be as simple as learning to let go of the situation.  Evaluating the lesson that is presented may be filled with drama and emotional pain.  In the end, your growth from it will make you more wise and a stronger Spirit and Person.

Walking my Path has led me down many darkened alleyways where I am confronted with myself, my shadow or some other unpleasant lesson that I absolutely needed to learn.  Running away is not an option for me.  Ignoring it is also not an option for me.  It is not in my nature to do either of those.  I simply push on.  Often stressed beyond belief until I have that “a ha” moment that changes it for me and allows me to see more clearly.  These lessons have given me a voice.  They have shown me my own growth, personal power and shown me how to use my voice.  The newly found boost in confidence allows me to hang on tight through the rapids and float along peacefully when clear of the rapids.

Sometimes you can’t heal everything in your life.  It’s those times that you have to simply let go of the unhealthy issue, thought, emotion, person, whatever and move on so that you can grow and get out of the vortex in the rapids.

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Solar Return…

Yesterday, I celebrated my Solar Return.  I tend to not really have big celebrations on the Anniversary of my birth as I prefer to spend it with my wonderful hubby doing fun things that he and I share or a nice dinner out or something equally sedate.

Many people set resolutions based on either Samhain or New Years Day, I prefer to set my GOALS by my birthday. 😉 No one ever said I conformed to normalcy.

Goals for my 2010 year ending on 4/12/2011 (the day before my birthday):

a) Complete my Third Degree Work (shooting for Beltane this year which gives me two more weeks to wrap up my last lesson).

b) Complete the work for my Reiki Course and become Master Attuned by Samhain 2010

c) Increase my product line

d) Become Crystal Healer Certified

e) Expand my knowledge of Aromatherapy

f) Begin the Historical Paganism Class I am enrolled in

g) Learn Elder Futhark Runes

h) Expand my knowledge of Tarot

i) Begin Local New or Full Moon Esbats

It’s an impressively large list; however, I think that it is all quite doable.  I look forward to the challenges that this brings me and the knowledge from it.  Everyday I grow a little more into the Priestess I want to be and know I can be.

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Warmth of Spring

Sitting in my living room this morning, doing some ‘fun’ stuff before it’s time for me to start work is an interesting time for me.  I tend to do my online comic checks, read LiveJournal, check in a few blogs and then get my day started.  Today I am taken aback by the beauty of the day that is laid out before me and the opportunities it will bring me.

Today the sun is shining, there is a very light breeze and it’s a little warm.  Looking outside through the open sliding glass door in my living room I am struck by the beauty that is beyond the fence as I look up to the trees.  As the sun and wind dance together the leaves of the trees have an almost glittering effect as they shimmer and wave in the breeze.   The effect is caused by the movement of the leaves being shined down on by the Sun and it’s quite stunning.  it’s a beautiful reminder that even in the Urban landscape that many of us live in there is natural beauty and Divinity there for us to take in and be a part of, if you simply open your eyes to it.

If you close your eyes and listen for a moment you can hear the sound of the birds singing their songs of Spring and bringing life to the world.  Beyond that you can hear the sounds of the nearby traffic, the dogs playing and the people talking as they are out for a walk in the sun.

It is fantastic to just sit and absorb the energy of the life around you.  To take it all in and be at peace where none of the worries of life intrude.  When you can just be silent and feel.

This is the magick of Spring in South FL where I can do this with my house open, breeze flowing through it and be a part of the natural magick around me.  How wonderfully joyous!

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Not everyone will like you…That’s OK

It is not necessarily a pleasant experience, but there will be times in our lives when we come across people who do not like us. As we know, like attracts like, so usually when they don’t like us it is because they are not like us or even other times when they are TOO much like us.

Rather than taking it personally, we can let them be who they are, accepting that each of us is allowed to have different perspectives and opinions. When we give others that freedom, we claim it for ourselves as well, releasing ourselves from the need for their approval so we can devote our energy toward more rewarding pursuits.

While approval from others is a nice feeling, when we come to depend on it we may lose our way on our own way, may lose ourselves in the shuffle of needing that attention or acceptance. There are those who will not like us no matter what we do, but that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with us, it is simply. Each of us has our own filters built from our experiences over time. They may see in us something that is merely a projection of their understanding, but we have no control over the interpretations of others. The best we can do is to hope that the role we play in the script of their lives is helpful to them, and follow our own inner guidance with integrity.

As we reap the benefits of walking our paths, we grow to appreciate the feeling of fully being ourselves allowing us to be as the flower blossoms. The need to have everyone like us will be replaced by the exhilaration of discovering that we are attracting like-minded individuals into our lives—people who like us because they understand and appreciate us for who we are not who they want us to be. We free ourselves from trying to contort ourselves into shapes and ideals that will fit the spaces provided by anothers limited understanding.  This will allow us to gain a new sense of freedom,  to expand into becoming exactly who we’re meant to be. And in doing what we know to be right for us, we show others that they can too can be this free and do what is right for them regardless of what they are expected to be. Co-creating our lives with the universe and its energy of pure potential, we transcend limitations and empower ourselves to shine our unique light; fully and freely.

There is nothing like this amazing feeling of freedom and joy from founding friendships and relationships based on mutual like and respect and casting off the chains that bind us to that which does not benefit our spirit.  So if someone does not like you, that is OK and in the end it’s good for you.  Allow your spirit to bud, blossom and bloom in beauty and peace.

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