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Friday’s Circle

Two Friday’s ago I went to a New Moon Circle.  It was a little different than what it was billed as but not so much so that I did not truly enjoy being there.

With the New Moon in Aquarius I was poised to start manifesting.  The manifestations we worked on were very different than what I am used to so it was an excellent experience.  We picked a fear or three and made a soul collage of those fears.  basically fear on paper from magazine cuttings, a newer type of sacred art.  After we completed the Collages we did a Shamanic Journey to find the source of the fears and how to acknowledge and work through them so that we could manifest our dreams.

Throughout the last week that I have had to let what I discovered set in I have found that the upward lift I previously noted has truly taken place.

I have begun a massive purge once more of things I do not need that clutter my life and confuse my life.  As the clutter clears I can feel the energy of my home change into one that is more welcoming to my spirit and life.  I find that I am more creative and more in tune with my own sense of self as well as my family.

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Lifting up…up..

It is never really a surprise when I find myself lifting up out of a cycle that has in some way stifled me.  It seems there are days and sometimes weeks where I get caught up in the daily living and forget that I need to tend to my own spirit as well as the ‘mundane’

Tonight I am attending a New Moon Manifestation Circle.  I am so looking forward to this.   The synopsis of this workshop/circle is:

The workshop includes: shamanic journey, writing exercises, soul collage, group discussion, feng shui tips and clearing techniques. This New Moon in Aquarius will help us to make better use of our creativity, enhance our creative ability and artistic skill, and enable us to improve our relationships. How surprised will you be when you look back a year from now and see how much your life has changed and how many of the things you set in motion in your Manifesting with the Cycles of the Moon Class have come to pass? This is a fun and intention setting class.

Hooray.  Up..Up…Up I go

Things to do today.  Go through boxes in the downstairs bathroom so that I can use the shower in it again.  maybe go through a box or two in the craft room to start clearing the way for a new organization system for my materials for crafting.

Clear the clutter and making way for a more productive life.  I know in my heart and spirit I am heading in the right direction.  I also know that I will fall down over the course of walking through this path.  I simply must dust myself off and keep going.  I feel a great many things coming my way and I am excited for both the opportunities and the changes that will go along with it all.

A bit that resonated from yesterday’s Daily Om Expressing ourselves honestly from a centered place is essential to our sense of well-being.

Today I find my center and begin this new way of expression and path-workings.

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Imbolc…New Beginnings

Last week I attended the Sacred Mists Imbolc Ritual.  Ever since I wrote my first Imbolc Ritual filled with Ritual Drama years ago, Imbolc has been one of my favorite Sabbat’s.  It is filled with symbolism to start something new and fresh beginnings.

This year was a very different year for me.  I have been in the process of many life changes and personal growth.

It is staggering to look at the year and know that much will change, things will never be the same again. 

I have never feared change so much that I stagnate my growth.  My fears are steeped in much deeper moments…Fear of Failure, Fear of Success but never change.  I walk forward anticipating that I will be thrown a curveball at any moment.  I know my life changes and I embrace this change.  I am a very different person than I was even 6 months ago.

Back to the ritual.  Imbolc for me is a time of great beginnings.  A time to plant the seed of a new beginning.  My seed planted firmly within me as I chose to not plant an actual physical seed this year but one that resides strictly within me.  I will tend it lovingly, feed it and encourage it’s growth.  By Ostara a bud should be shooting up and by Litha I should be flowering into whatever it is I shall be and by Yule I will have lived a season in a new vessel.

I wonder sometimes where my path will take me, what I will experience and what awaits me on the other side of it.  For now I will be patient and see what life has in store for me.

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What’s in a Name

More and more lately I have been considering what is in a name.  I have a public craft name that has evolved over a period of time and reflects in many ways my growth and path.  When I started walking this path my name was given to me by my High Priest, over time it has grown and evolved based on my experiences and my path as I follow it.

I am feeling an intense need to simply and shorten my name to simply Lilyth.  While the whole of my magickal name is a piece of me, I am of the mind that I do not need to wear my names constantly as each one of them has been and will be a piece of me always.

This has been a pondering in my mind for sometime now, I just don’t want to wear more than Lilyth anymore.  It seems superfluous and in my heart I know it does not matter whether I wear bits of me on the outside as they are reflected by my nature.

What are the implications of changing this in my community? Am I by any other name the same?

Lilyth is who I am.  The other parts are a piece or a glimpse of pieces of me but Lilyth sums it up.  Do I need to have a Magickal Surname?  I am thinking not but maybe one will come later…

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