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Reading by Janet Farrar

Two days ago I purchased a Tarot reading from Janet Farrar via the Sacred Mists Shoppe

In working at Sacred Mists it has been a great pleasure to get to know Janet and Gavin as they have a HUGE wealth of knowledge.

I don’t even really know where to begin.  This reading was simply and totally amazing.  I was laughing and crying with how well it actually fit.  She has a true gift.  I recommend getting a reading to anyone who may be able.

This was an amazing affirmation that I am on the right path and that the things that have been happening have been happening to pave the way for the massive changes that I felt coming as the new year dawned a short month ago.  Seeing into the heart of what has passed, what is yet to come and what is currently surprisingly enough has given me a bit of emotional release and strength to continue walking along the cliff that I seem to be on.

I walk with my eyes wide open to the possibilities and will simply embrace that which comes across my path and learn from whatever it teaches me and in a years time.  I will be where I need to be and that will be on top of my world. 🙂

I need to meditate and think on this reading this afternoon, there was so much information and emotion in that reading.  I will likely have to listen to it several times to get it right in my head. heh.


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Yesterday was a pretty busy day all around.  I was pretty exhausted and went to bed early Wednesday  night knowing that around 10 Pacific I would be receiving a Reiki Attunement for Levels 1 & 2 by Lady Raven Moonshadow of Sacred Mists.

I have been attuned previously, several years ago by a local woman who while quite lovely could not attune me the way I felt it should be done.

I slept exceedingly well for going to bed when I did (with a headache- which I woke up without).  I had many vivid and lucid dreams that night, which is not entirely unusual for me.  When I rose to start my day I noticed small things.  Colors appeared more vivid, sound more bright and loud, scents came to me quickly and at such a low saturation and lastly my sense of touch and my skin in general appeared to be very sensitive.  It was as if someone turned UP my senses.  There have been occassions in the past where this happens to me and it will last for a little while and then subsides.  This is day number 2 and I am still feeling life more vividly.

Don’t get me wrong the person that attuned me before I am sure did a great job and exactly what she was supposed to do, this just feels like MORE.  It is hard to describe in words yet that is what I wish I could do.  I feel pretty amazing when I look around.  Connections are tangible to me.  I see more, I hear more in the songs of the birds in the trees outside my doors.  I feel new-born.  Everything is amazing and grand.

Today perhaps I will sit and meditate with one of my favorite stones and see where the free-form meditation will take me.

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Imbolc…Renew & Grow

Several years ago I wrote an Imbolc Ritual that is heavy on Ritual Drama invoking the 3 faces of Brigid.   It is a beautiful ritual but not one that can be done alone.  I often spend my Sabbats alone in ritual as I am a Sacred Mists Coven member but practice Solitary for the time being.  I do attend Rituals when I can which the rituals are AMAZING anyway.

One of my goals for this year is to attend more rituals at Sacred Mists as well as continue to expand my own practice to be more active.  So far things are going well.  I have always practiced candle magick daily as well as devotionals and informal Esbat Rites.  This more active approach that I have mentioned involves more writing of rituals and incorporating them into my normally informal and laid back Esbats as well as performing spell-work more frequently and not just candle magick. 😉

While I have always been active, my practice is very eclectic and free flowing.  I am going to try to focus that free flow a little more.

A big part of the focus change will involve a slight change to daily routine to make my candle magick and divination more regimented.

Imbolc is coming and as the first Sabbat of the New Year and a time of Growth and Renewal it is the perfect time for me to adapt these changes to my routines.

Starting on Imbolc Eve, I will be ending my day with a mini ritual of sorts that will consist of a candle light, an incense stick, Crystal Wand in hand, sitting at the Vanity where my mini-altar is in the bedroom (or on the bed this is undecided as of now and we will see where I end up sitting).

Wash Face
Floss & Brush Teeth
Moisturize Face

Go to bedroom:
Sit Down, Light Candle, Incense, Grab Crystal
Focus on breath
Ground & Center
Evening Devotional & Thanks
Energy Reiki sends to those who request it/need it
Focus on breath
Head to bed for reading and unwinding for sleep

Additionally I am going back to journalling in the mornings any dreams that I have which means a Dream Journal will be placed on the bed table.

Morning Routine:
Light Candle, Incense
Morning Devotional & Thanks
Brush Teeth
Shower (ritual cleansing)
Dress for day (no more PJs all day)
Daily Card Reading @ Desk
Light Candle
Light Incense Stick
Power PC & Journal

As I said Imbolc is a time for new beginnings so I am timing these changes to coincide with this Sabbat.

Imbolc itself will be spent @ Sacred Mists Ritual and a feast of thanks with my hubby and a friend if I can get her to join me. *nod*

I am excited for the changes in my routine.  This promises to usher in the growth in a much more intense way than I have already been experiencing.

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To the beat…

I dance to the beat of my own drummer.  The drummer sometimes plays Disco to boogie, sometimes R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Industrial, World, Folk whatever.   My drummer is really more along the lines of an inner DJ that listens to whatever the hell it seems to want at any given moment in time.  What does this have to do with anything?  I am getting to that.

A lot like the Inner DJ, Spirit moves and grooves to it’s own drummer.  On a daily basis I attempt to do things for my highest good, I attempt to  be positive and give love.  Some days…that just does  not work.

In order to live a deeply satisfying life on all the emotional levels you have to actually LIVE and FEEL those emotions.  The anger must be felt and released, the joy must be felt and released, the sadness also must be felt and released.  No emotion should ever be viewed as harmful or negative.  An emotion is simply an extension of your reality.  You must feel it, live it and let it be in order to have a full and healthy reality.

For example, Monday was not a good day for me.  I was really busy, chasing my tail and in general not very happy.  These were valid things for me to feel and I allowed the emotions to be present, be expressed and as a result today is better emotionally.  Tuesday was a bit better but ended on a note that I was not quite pleased with.  Again I allowed myself to feel and move past the emotions that tugged on me.

Today has started off with some bumps in the road and I work to overcome them and will continue to work on having a good day.

What defines a good day for me?  It truly varies but in the very essence of a good day I will accomplish many of my goals, I will have a feeling of doing something good and learn something new.  A part of my personal evolution is learning every single day.  So far I am good with these things and no matter how bumpy my days even out and end quite lovely.

Enough Babble for now. 🙂

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2nd Look…

The holiday’s are over and work is starting to settle into a lovely rhythm.  I have time to work on special projects as well as getting everything that needs to be done, well done.

As the dust settles I can see things in a more clear light on how to improve processes and move forward as well as keeping my own path alive and moving forward.  I have an annoying habit of getting caught up in the daily must do’s and forget to care for myself, my home and my spirit.   I refuse to do this any longer.

Things I am doing to care for myself and my spirit:

Back to daily devotionals in the morning & at night.
Daily Reiki sends to those who need it
Using my Affirmation Prayer Beads
Cooking wholesome meals at home with less pre-fab’d ingredients

Things I am doing for my home:
Taking a few minutes each day to clean something
Purging “Stuff” I don’t need or use
Purging my closet & drawers

I will continue to work on being a more spiritual and happy person.  My goals for this year are pretty simple.

Be a Good person
Help those that I can help & need MY help
Take a few classes
Work on my 3rd Degree & finish it
Expand my knowledge of admin, CSS & PHP for the forums
Be Happy
See my friends more than once a year.

All in all good goals and things I can look back on and know I have done the best I could do and seeing progress on them throughout the year.  They may not be measurable goals; however, they are doable and in my heart I can measure the success.

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