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Mysteries & Holiday’s

In the go, go go fashion that most people live their lives; it is good to take a moment to stop and enjoy that which life has to offer you.

This is the season for taking moments away from the hustle and bustle of life and re-energizing yourself.

As I continue in my own training at Sacred Mists, as a 3rd Degree Dedicant,  I find that as each season turns I become more focused on the season and the world around me.

In much of the Northern Hemisphere it is now Winter.  Winter is a time of great introspection and renewal.  Right now my path is leading me to deeper studies and emotional ties.

Finding that some friendships are toxic is never an easy thing, letting go even less easy.  How do you tell someone you have known since 7th grade you don’t want to keep them on your Facebook?  Part of that also is allowing some relationships to come back into light and start fresh.  Apprehension is high since they were the ones that never wanted to be a part of my life or to try to stay in touch.  A constant attempt has been made for several months thanks to the wonders of Social Networking.   I have given in and provided my contact information including Mobile Number.  We’ll see if this bites me in the ass later but at least I know that no further damage can be done as the rejection and sting from it is still present.  I am in charge of how far this goes and how much I wish to give it.  It’s a nice change.

Holidays are approaching and these are the times you see both the good and the bad in people.  People will trample you at Walmart for a chance at that cheap DVD player, will fight you for the last LCD on sale, the last Wii on the shelf or the last Purple Nano.  This is also when some people go out of their way to do something kind, they smile a little more, they bake and give the gift of nummy love and time to those they care about.

As I get older I find that there is little that I wish gift-wise for Holidays but more time from those in my life.  A connection that means more to me than a bauble or trinket could mean.

This seems to translate directly into the path that I have chosen in rather interesting ways as I choose to go out of my way to bring smiles and joy to those around me, I am more fulfilled on a deep spiritual level.

Here I go babbling again…hahaha!


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Quick Draw – 12/17 – 6 of Swords

Too long since I have had time to sit and write about my daily draws, it was SO busy for me with the holidays and the nuttiness surrounding them.

Today like all days I took a few minutes to sit down and draw a card for myself.

I lean away from traditional meanings with this deck (Tarot of the Secret Forest) as they do not seem to work quite as well given the intense imagery and I work with an intuitive standpoint.

The 6 of Swords came up today and what a lonely looking card this is.  You stand at one end of a winding road, which looks more like a winding river, that continues on into the horizon where it seemingly disappears near a body of water that the journey.  It’s oddly fitting that this road appears to be more of a forest banked river as it evokes a great many emotions in me as I look at this card.  I see a journey in which emotions flow freely and bring me to the ending of one chapter of my path or life and I begin a new chapter.

I see the complex interconnections that wind through and over this river, people will join me and branch off themselves either on land or by water.  What a fascinating journey I will have.

Today I believe I will work within the element of water.  Water for me is a balance counter point.  My primary element is fire and instead of extinquishing me water but balances me out, allows me to find my center and simply live in the moment.

For today I simply am.  I am the embodiment of Spirit, of Goddess and Life.  I create, I live, I am.

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As We Ebb and Flow Through Life

Today’s Daily Om is a good one:

As We Ebb and Flow Through Life
Changing Roles

As we bob and weave with the ebb and flow of life our roles change, but our true self remains constant. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we go through many aspects of humanity in one lifetime. Living in the material world of opposites, labels, and classifications, we often identify ourselves by the roles we play, forgetting that these aspects shift and change throughout our lives. But when we anchor ourselves in the truth of our being, that core of spirit within us, we can choose to embrace the new roles as they come, knowing that they give us fresh perspective on life and a greater understanding of the lives of others.

As children, we anticipated role changes eagerly in our rush to grow up. Though fairy tales led us to believe that “happily ever after” was a final destination, the truth is that life is a series of destinations, mere stops on a long journey filled with differing terrain. We may need to move through a feeling of resistance as we shift from spouse to parent, leader to subordinate, caregiver to receiver, or even local to newcomer. It can be helpful to bid a fond farewell to the role that we are leaving before we welcome the new. This is the purpose of ceremonies in cultures throughout the world and across time. We can choose from any in existence or create our own to help us celebrate our life shifts and embrace our new adventures.

Like actors on the stage of the world, our different roles are just costumes that we inhabit and then shed. Each role we play gives us another perspective through which to understand ourselves and the nature of the universe. When we take a moment to see that each change can be an adventure, a celebration, and a chance to play a new part, we may even be able to recapture the joyful anticipation of our youth as we transition from one role to the next.

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In the Eyes of the Beholder…

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This is very true for no two people perceive beauty the same and if perception dictates your reality then well beauty in your world will be very different than beauty in my world.

I find beauty in nearly all forms of life.  The ones you call ugly I will find a spot of beauty in them as everyone deserves to be beautiful and loved.

This weekend past I attended a party at a dear friends home.  This was a smaller version of the party that usually happens.  It is a fun and interesting time for sure.  I got to see some friends I have not seen in 4 years.  That is simply too long.   I digress.  The rooms are filled with people who hold beauty in their eyes and may not (and some do not at all) find me at all remotely beautiful or one of my other friends who is also a large girl.

I find this interesting.  I find beauty in all shapes and sizes.  My one friend has the most beautiful long hair and the sweetest personality and she is a big girl.  Another girl who is normal sized has the most awesome disposition and sweetness and is quite pretty too.

Everyone deserves to be adored by someone.  I am adored by my husband.  I am a Willendorf girl in shape but pretty.

You might be thin and quite pretty.  How you treat others shines more beauty through your skin than ever your looks could.  Do you treat others kindly and gently or judge them and scorn them when they are not like you?

If you treat others with gentle kindness you will find you have less stress in your life and in general attract more friendships and conversations in the world.

What am I saying?  Be kind and you will find kindness.  Pay it forward.

I’m babbling, if you made it through this babble congratulations.  I appreciate you reading!


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Daily Draw 12/10 – 9 of Pentacles

It’s been a couple days since I have had time to sit and write about my daily draws, it was SO busy for me yesterday. Today like all days I took a few minutes to sit down and draw a card for myself.

I lean away from traditional meanings with this deck (Tarot of the Secret Forest) as they do not seem to work quite as well given the intense imagery and I work with an intuitive standpoint.

Today’s card is the 9 of Pentacles.  The imagery on this is intense.  Inside the side of a tree leaning out is a faerie.  he is greeted by a white bird that resembles almost in looks an albino crow or other Corvid.  In the talons of the bird is a message scroll tied wtiha red ribbon.  The background of this card is very organic in a rocky sort of way in the background I can easily see the face of a blind woman and hre hand rests above the faeries head.

In the unspoken conversation between the three entities in this card you get a sense of comfort, familiarity and compassion.

The three communicate wordlessly as words are not necessary when you are in tune with those around you.  You know and not only understand but feel the same.  You are in fact one with those around you, relishing the connection of life.

I am one with the universe and my family (both chosen and birth), may the day be blessed and filled with love and compassion.

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On Payment…Sacred Mists

This entry is not strictly about my path but it does play a huge part of my path.  There are many blogs and entries all across the internet that are absolutely against anyone that receives payment for courses or services.

For the record, in case you are newer to my blog, I am not against this.  I embrace this.  Each Tradition has the ability to make itself self-sufficient.  I belong to an Online Wiccan College.  One that charges a monthly tuition fee for learning.  I have no problem with this.  In fact, I LOVE SACRED MISTS so much that I recommend it to other people who may wish to walk the Wiccan Path but not have the ability or desire to seek anyone out locally.

There are in fact local classes, they are spiritual in nature but do not cover Wicca specifically.  I have belonged to local covens, the politics and drama outweighed any benefit.

I thrive in my solitary environment and from the Online Community which I belong to.  Not only am I a student but I am a member of the Coven and fully intend to be able to teach others locally at various events and gatherings.

Now back to the issue at hand.  The one that involves the exchange of money.

I in no way feel that everything should be freely given without an exchange of payment.  Payment for local classes and events is monetary, I must pay for the use of the property, materials the teacher needs as well as their time. This is no different in an online environment.  I am instead paying for Servers, Data Transfer, Development, Site Maintenance and Services.  I am being taught a specific Tradition of Wicca and one that I hold close to my hart for it fits my own beliefs and path quite well.

What is the difference between helping a local Coven maintain property, coven materials and cost of lessons versus doing the same thing via an online venue?  I do not distinguish the two at all.  Perhaps I am a bit more progressive than traditional.  This is ok.  I do not begrudge anyone their path nor do I bad mouth it, speak against it or tell them it’s wrong to give things away for free.  It is but an alternate path and one I am accepting of.  It works for them but has never worked for me.

This is not to say that we must blindly accept everything and everyone, that is not the case I am just saying that we should not insult the intelligence of people who knowingly make a decision to pay for their spiritual education.  Shouldn’t we not really judge the path that works for another?  We don’t have to accept the path and beliefs as our own but if they are happy in the path they have chosen then who are we to say it’s not valid or it’s bad because for instance they charge for the lessons…

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Cycles & Seasons – Growth over the year

I am in an interesting state of mind so please forgive me if I do not make as much sense as I am hoping or intending.

I’ve undergone a great deal of self-discovery over the course of the last year.  Both regarding my path and where I ‘fit in’.  As it is December I am becoming more and more introspective on my life, my path and where I am heading.

For quite sometime I have been on the outside looking in with regards to my path and my life in general.  Life is not a spectator sport; however, I had been a spectator for a while just watching as life passes me by.  This started changing mid-point through the year.

I could no longer do that.  Small things begain to change, I’ve started facilitating growth, change and taking on roles which I love.  This is but a small piece of the changes I feel happening within me.

I began to feel more empowered about my own life and my own path.  This is very interesting because I have always felt ‘in control’ of my path but that simply was not the case I discovered.  I was afloat going through the motions, doing the things I was supposed to do but without as much feeling as I used to.  It seemed I was doing things for the sake of habit and not really MOVING forward as a person.

A great deal of growth has come from this realization and I have once again started moving forward on my path.  I am continuing my quest for knowledge and growth on my path.  Books are creaking open, Kindle is stocked full of resources and my notebook is not far from my desk.

Last night I ran some errands and worked a little when I got home.  I crafted, I answered emails, I cleaned.   Once all was said and done, I managed another 3 chapters in my current study book.

All in all I feel like I am starting to move forward after the stagnation of depression which is slowly lifting and retreating from me.

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Daily Draw 12/8 ~ 10 of Wands

It’s been a couple days since I have had time to sit and write about my daily draws. Today like all days I took a few minutes to sit down and draw a card for myself.

I lean away from traditional meanings with this deck (Tarot of the Secret Forest) as they do not seem to work quite as well given the intense imagery and I work with an intuitive standpoint.

Today I drew the 10 of Wands this card is in colors of Earth in brown, rust, and green)  Atop a sandy landscape a Giant Turtle rests.  From his shell top sprouts many plants, trees, and bamboo.  This indicates the formation of roots.  The things that guide us to home, keep us centered and on a path where our ethics and morals play a huge part of how we live our lives.

The foundation is firmly set now is the time to grow.

My roots burrow deeply into the Earth giving me foundation and a place of Center, I move forward knowingly and graciously in my path.

Blessed Be.

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Stone for 12/8 ~ Sodalite

Today’s stone is Sodalite.


Sodalite is a stone of logic and efficiency. It is helpful for work in groups and stimulates thought. Sodalite is a stone that is good for healing breaches in communication. It is a stone of truth, and brings this to all communications. It can help end arguments or other disagreements. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions. It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual.

I have been using Sodalite actively for sometime now and have several pieces of this throughout the house.  I have one in the bedroom on my nightstand, on my desk and on my altar.   I keep it handy to help me “keep it real” emotionally as well as working logically through spiritual situations.

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Quick Draw – 12/4 – 5 of Swords

As per normal I am drawing with my Tarot of the Secret Forest deck a single card. I am using intuition only to interpret the card and find my lesson for the day and write an affirmation to work with.

Today’s card is the 5 of Swords. Pictured in this card is a porcupine standing behind a small mound facing out tentatively to the ground around him.

In this card I see fear, sadness and the desire to hide. In each of these it is not immediately a “bad” card or a bad drawing but shows that an aspect of the self is fearful of being torn asunder should people see who you are and not agree or like something.

I view this card as a way to see and honor the self without fear. It’s a reminder that I am who I am and to hell with anyone who doesn’t like me as it does not change who I am or change that I am a good person.

Today’s affirmation:
I am not in fear of shining, I am a beautiful person!

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