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Daily Draw – The Wheel

Today’s reading is kind of an interesting one.

Card – The Wheel

What a beautiful card this one is.  It’s in shades of greens and orangey red.  Depicting the Wheel as a Orange/Salmon colored Flower with a Faerie with enormous wings looking down upon it.  The surrounding landscape shows a couple of catterpillars on or near the wheel.  The faerie looks thoughtfully down upon the flower wheel.  The center of the flower is quite interesting to me as are the petals they show what I intrepret as varying stages of growth and fulfillment.

This card stands for Time, the changing of ideas and emotions.  Growth in it’s truest form as the wheel turns so do our lives and growth happens with these changes.  What an exciting card to pull today.

Affirmation: The Wheel turns and I grow with the changes surrounding me.  I give, I receive, I am.

It’s interesting to me that since I have started pulling cards again and working with this new deck I am finding myself opening more and more again.  Things I used to struggle with in my path no longer seem to be the trouble they once were.  A lovely thing to begin to re-open doors and places you had frequented once upon a time to find that you had not forgotten as much as you feared or that the gift would have left you completely.

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One Card Draw!

Today I decided to start a new one card draw from my Tarot of the Secret Forest Deck.  this is something I know I can do as I am keeping this deck near me at all times, I adore this deck.

Today’s Card and lesson is the Queen of Wands

What a beautiful card this is to pull today when I am feeling kind of meh.

This card shows that you know how to be who you are with no reservation and with elegance.  Hold your head high and do not allow others to get you down or compromise who you are.

It’s a beautiful card that is done in shades of red, and pinks (entertaining since I am wearing a shade of red/pink today).  Surrounded in lush Dark Red and dark salmon colors for leaves adn florals, a young woman sits holding a large wand.  she gazes adoringly and inquisitively from this card becoming and beckoning.  She is comfortable and at ease with herslef and her body.

Pulling this card today is a reminder that I need to be who I am and what I am no more or less than that.

Affirmation: I am a child of the Goddess and all places beautiful and free, I celebrate that which is me!

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Reading for today

Today i started using my new tarot deck.  The imagery is simply beautiful and I just can’t use it like a normal deck it’s unique in its layout and emotions that each card brings out in me.  Tarot of a Secret Forest begs to be used differently and with emotion.

Todays reading I did a Garden in the Middle of the Forest with a general life reading I call this the Tree reading because it branches off the basic PPF reading and gives it roots and branches which means more ‘meat’ in the reading that truly connects each of the cards for a nice wrap up.  I read the PPF then the roots followed by branches and tie it all together.  Again not a traditional reading or interpretation of the cards working almost entirely off of intuition.

Past – Emperor – In this position indicates a ‘ruling’ or acquisition of position or knowledge to create and administer somethng of great importance to your life.  This card shows a lone wizened man atop a column like seat where he watches his kingdom and  is deeply loving of his people.

Present – World – In this position it shows that a completeness is achieved there is harmony between emotional and rational behavior.  Patterns were found and overcome where emotional does not over-rule rationality.  In this card yu see a beautiful woman standing atop a ‘world’ with an arch of vines around her.  She is in the anatomical position which indicates acceptance and openness to many paths which may lay before you.

Future – 6 Pentacles (reversed) – In this position you are seeing dialog amongst your community, completeness and peace.  This card is depicted by several trees standing before the moon with falling stars.  The stars falling show the universal connection and communication to the world around you.  You will find balance and walk your path with the highest good in mind.

Roots – 7 Chalices – In this position, the foundation of what was and what will be a solid base for the future growth, is seen as wonder, sudden emotions.  In this card I see the beauty of the forest within the lake.  Emotions swirl as a beautiful woman surrounds the pisces fish.  Together they are one in the same.  Emotion, desire and wonder make way for rationality and joy of life.

Branches – Star – In this position we are seeing the branches of what will be and that which sustains the tree.  The Stars in this position shows a willingness to dream, a hope, sensitivity to the cycles of life and communication to the community of what can and shall be.

All in all I see a devotion to community serving the Goddess for the good of all others and success in that avenue.

THis is the first reading I have done with this deck and find the deck to be a VERY emotional deck and not one that rationalizes traditional readings with it.  I feel the cards and their meanings more deeply than a traditional interpretation would allow.  Very intuitive. Love the deck

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Stripping Away…

It is without a doubt the time of year where thoughts turn inward and I begin to truly find a way through my path and my life in general.

The week of Samhain I went to Disney as has been our annual tradition for our anniversary for many years now.  The difference was this year we invited some friends to come and join us.

Over the week I got to know my friend Isleen much better and it was pretty spooky how much she and I are truly alike.  Another friend joined us with her three beautiful kids.  Later in the week two more friends joined us for a total of 9 hanging out and breaking bread together at our timeshare.

There were moments of absolutely pure magick that left me breathless or with tears brimming around my eyes.

Between the bonding of friends, the sharing of blessings and chatting we all walked away with a massive transition of self that was beginning to take root within.

The petals of a flower must first unfurl from their tight grasp of the center to reveal the beauty and joy within.  I feel this happening with my life right now.  I discovered hidden and forgotten anxieties, insecurities and am finding my way through these.  It’s not an easy prcess to confront the self and work it all out.  With quiet time each day I sit and think about what I am doing and where I want to be and where I am being alled to be.  The latter two are lining up much more closely than they ever have in the past.

Part of my path is that of teaching and therefore learning and growing as a part of that process.  I learned about myself as I worked and helped others process through their own learning and growth.

Sharing Circle, home and meals with some of the most wonderful and sweet women I have known for several days helped me realize that I am most certainly on the right path of service.

Epiphany after epiphany has hit me throughout the last two weeks that I can scarcely keep up with them all.

Just some highlights:
-Anger issues from youth came back after I started speaking with family who used to not want to talk to me
-I seem to be able to channel tidbits of information and knowledge from the Goddess at times that I do not expect it and it coincides with when someone needs that information most
-My intuition is becoming more fine tuned and in touch with those who mean the world to me
-Like the petals of a Lily I am feeling my spirit unfold itself
-I discovered a desire to be MORE and emody MORE

I have a hard time putting it into words right now but it’s there and it’s knocking on my door.  Rap, Rap, Rapping not to be refused.

We shared our Sacred Mists Samhain Ritual together on our lovely round dining table with candles and a quick altar added to the center.  We held hands, we welcomed adn we wrote our resolutions on Color Magick Spell Paper.  Afterwards we burned it in my large Cauldon.  It was tear jerkingly beautiful as we shared together that which we wanted to share

Each woman an inspiration to me as I was to them.

On Samhain itself we shared together another circle where we connected to the Goddess within and praised all that she is as we wish to embody her more!

I get wistful just thinking of all that came to be during my week in Orlando.

Storm, you are a beautiful spirit filled with love and embody the Mother Goddess fully.

Raushanna, you are an amazing spirit filled with the wisdom of the Goddess and love of the Mother.

Brianna, you are my dear spirit sister.  You are not only the Maiden with her joy but Mother with her wisdom.

Isleen, you are such a joyful spirit.  Filled with the play of Pixie and love of the Mother.

Each of you wiggled your way deeper into my heart and for that I am thankful.  I love each of you truly and look forward to our paths together.

Now that I am outside of that and looking back I can see that I was stripping away layers of silt and dust allowing the flower to finally begin to blossom.  The layers of anger, mistrust, confusion and doubt are gone replaced with love, joy, trust and certainty.

What an amazing trip!

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