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Initiation & Sacred Mists

Tomorrow several of my brethren from Sacred Mists will be initiating into our Tradition.

This is something that as an Initiated Priestess I take very seriously and to heart. The path of a Priest and Priestess is not an easy one and may not always be what you expect it to be.

A part of the curriculum is to write an essay detailing what you believe a Priest or Priestess to be.

Many years ago I wrote this:
Miriam-Webster defines a priestess as:

Pronunciation: ‘prEs-t&s
Function: noun
Date: 1693
1 : a woman authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion
2 : a woman regarded as a leader (as of a movement)

A priestess is by her very nature a nurturing leader. One to who people look to for advice, lessons, and information in general. As priestesses it is our divine duty to work in the service of the Lord and Lady in any way that they may seem fit be it as a teacher; knowing not only the ways, but the history of our ways and the ways of other traditions or sects; someone to help stamp out misinformation, a leader in the Sacred Rites, a knowledge base for those seeking. For me to be a priestess is to be a mother to all those under the service of the Lord and Lady, to be an advocate of our causes, to lead and to be led, to teach and be taught. A priestess is a physical representation of the Goddess and must be true to herself and the Craft, must love and be loved. As we grow within the Craft and within ourselves we take on more and more of the Goddesses aspects both light and dark seeking to bridge the gap and balance our lives more effectively. We must be in tune with the world around us, be wise and yet child like at the same time, remembering the powers which bind us to the world and to each other.

When I wrote the above I was very new to Wicca and boy does it show and my goodness how I have grown.

What is a Priest or Priestess of the Sacred Mists Tradition?
Each person who gathers as a part of the Sacred Mists Community regardless of whether initiated or not.

As a Priest or Priestess of Sacred Mists you have walked a path very similar to everyone around you. You were led or guided to join Sacred Mists, you have walked a thorned, brambled path that was filled with difficult decisions, this one no less than any others you have faced and no more than others yet to come. Within your spirit you have found a joy and dedication to a Path and Tradition at Sacred Mists. You are called to become a Priest or Priestess of this Tradition. What does this really mean?

You are dedicated to the Spiritual well-being of yourself, your Circle, your Coven-mates and Sacred Mists in General. You find the Tradition to be one that you can follow with the whole of your spirit. You embrace the Eclectic Nature of Sacred Mists. As you walk and continue your education with Sacred Mists you will teach, you will mentor, you will befriend new and old friends alike. You will uphold the integrity of Sacred Mists through your actions both public, on the forums and in your community.

In addition to all this you may hold yourself as accountable for your education, for your path, for your Circle and will count yourself as a Brother or Sister to each Coven and Circle Member of heart and spirit.

Each of my fellow students, whether they think I know them or not has touched me in some way and I am grateful for that and thankful for their part in my path and my part in theirs.

This I wrote today as I prepare myself to be present for tomorrow’s Initiations at Sacred Mists.  As a Third Degree Dedicant, this is something I truly take very seriously and to heart.  It is important for both my growth and their growth to be present and to be available always.  Willing to lend an ear, willing to learn, to teach, and be taught.

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Planning Something Special

In two and a half weeks I am heading for a wonderful 9 day vacation of sorts.  We are going on our annual trip to Disney for our Anniversary (the hubby and I).  We always go and in recent years we have taken to bringing people with us for more fun and frivolity.

This years trip is actually on our Anniversary whereas last years was in August which makes it super special.

Well like last year we invited the Student Council from Sacred Mists.   The room is taken care of since we are Disney Vacation Club and are ‘owners’ of a timeshare there.  Fabulous!  Folks just needed to provide a way to get to Orlando and pitch in for food.  We don’t eat out or do parks but hang out and BS together enjoying the company of good friends.  It keeps costs down that we bring our own food and cook making it affordable if you save up for the trip.

Anyway I am super excited for the trip!  I’ve been planning the ritual for Samhain and the meals that we will be cooking.  Also deciding what tools and stuff to take.   I am just awash with total excitement about this trip.

In planning the Samhain Ritual and Feast I have learned I have a talent for bringing things together in a way that will work for everyone even with the restrictions of not being at home.

Our Samhain Ritual will be partially outside so that we can burn our resolutions and send them on the way to the Underworld with the Crone so that we can replace that ‘bad’ with something good and continue to grow Spiritually as Covenmates, as Individuals and as Friends.  I am making a special batch of my Color Magick Sizzling SpellPaper(tm) for the purpose of this ritual.

For the feast I am thinking…maybe of making a pot roast with all the veggies, potato soup, apple pie, sugar cookies, wine and  maybe ale.

there is so much swirling in my head as I plan this trip, this ritual and this feast.

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I’ve always thought of October as the month I get to play the most in.  In part thanks to Halloween.  I love October.  The oppressive heat in South FL begins to lessen, we aren’t into mild weather yet but it is not so oppressive and depressing.

This is the season that I start to wake up and feel revitalized.  I hit a few bumps in the road along the way already but I am trying to shake those off and keep moving.

A friend of mine is doing a Sacred Swap this month and I joined in.  I am pretty excited to get to know the person that is my partner and see what wonderful witchy gifts I can conjur up over the next two weeks.  I don’t have much time since I leave for Disney for a blessed week and change on the 24th.  I so need this ‘vacation’ even though I will be working the whole week. 

Now I stretch my arms and spirit and wake to the possibilities and the growth which surrounds me.

More later 🙂

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