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A new routine

This morning I sort of slept in a little bit.  Not really sleeping but not really up and moving either.  Sort of in an inbetween state of sleep/not sleep contemplating belly button lint or ear wax.  Wondering if there is anything to my dreams or if they are but coincedental.

Yesterday I was forced into purchasing a new video card for my beloved computer.  This morning I was working out dreams of no computer, no job no life type things.  After seeing my wonderful husband off to work (I work from home which is so nice) I loaded up my PC and my tools and decided to pop in my Belly Dance CD that the Grin Twins do for BellyDance for Fitness.

I am out of shape and want to be a little more in shape with some endurance so I am dancing my way there.  I am not trying to lose weight since I love myself (most of the time) as I am.  I am a pretty happy person all around really.

Loaded up and play!  Seriously?  I look like a Gorilla having Seizures while trying to come down from a crack high or something.  I am not graceful (YET), I can’t do some of the moves and I certainly have enough issue with changing directions and the opposing leg sometimes.  Hip Drop with left hip dandy, with the right? LOL not so much.

Anyway I did this and felt great.  Started my day been working working working and getting stuff done.  All around a pretty good day.

Maybe will do more tonight if not I am starting my day tomorrow the same way.  Woo

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Hair, Appearance and Spirituality??

I wonder if sometimes personal appearance and spirituality are linked when people first meet us and sort of go “ooooh”.

Within the last couple months I have finally after many years of desiring it, put Amethyst/Violet colored highlights in my hair.  Now I must say that I absolutely LOVE LOVE the purple in my hair.  I just got it done again on Saturday and could not be any happier with how it has turned out.  The color on it is so vibrant it’s just simply stunning.  I am certain I will get a few odd stares as a “freak” but you know what?  I really don’t care.

All in all, at the end of the day I am quite happy with myself as a person and that is what matters the most.   Sure I am a big girl, sure I have adult acne,  and tattoos.  So what.  How does this all play into my spiritual life?  I do not let the preconceived notion of how I should be influence what it is that I truly am.

I walk the Spiritual Path I choose, I dress the way I choose, I look the way I choose (for the most part – though I could stand to lose some weight it’s not a driving force for me).  Every act that I do is Sacred to me.  Each lovely movement, each caress, each word, each breath, all Sacred.  I strive to be more.  I give of myself and ask only for kindness and light in return. 

So what do I look like with purple in my hair?   Super awesome!  A spring has been added to my step a lightness to my heart as I smile at each person.  I am sure I will keep this thoughtline going for a few days as right now I feel the need to clean up my desk and get it set for the coming of Fall 🙂

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