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Sacred Mists & I, A New Day Dawns

I am on an amazing journey of Spirit and the Wiccan Path.  I am a member, as you may have previously read of Sacred Mists Coven & Tradition.  This for me is a beautiful path and I grow everyday.  In addition to being a 3rd Degree Dedicant I work for the Sacred Mists Shoppe, online store and Student Administration for the Circle.  This allows me to have contact on a meaningful and assistance based level with students as well as customers.  I work long days and very hard to improve processes and help faciliate smooth operation and student acclimation.  I am thankful everyday for this because I feel like I am actually doing something, I am making a difference and working with the skills I have honing them and improving them along the way.  It’s a glorious feeling to accomplish this.  I used to not get this amount of joy and delight from working.  You see, I used to work in Corporate America making significantly more than I currently make.  I was miserable.  My spirit was squashed daily.  Now I feel fulfilled.  I am able to create and share my creations with the community.

As I walk this path I open more and more to the true sense of Community.  This is not isolated to just the Sacred Mists Community but my community as well.  I am very active in the local Library system via donations of books no less than once per quarter.  They are always so happy to see us pull in with our Rubbermaid totes of books that fill their rolling expandable cart.  In an effort to be more efficient at home and more green we are donating our old books and replacing them slowly with eBooks via the Amazon Kindle.  We both have Gen 1 Kindles for quite some time now.  NO I am not wealthy, we are simply comfortable as my husband makes a very good living as a Systems Administrator for a large web hosting company locally.  This allows me to have a few luxuries and take care of debt from my younger and far more frivilous ways.  Soon I personally will be debt free and hopefully within 2 years we will be as a household completely debt free save our home payment.

Anyway, I have been increasingly active in my local community via Book Drives, neighborhood clean up (when folks do not throw things away properly), I recycle, I freecycle, I donate to GoodWill, I attend local classes and offer my support as the only Wiccan in general that attends local classes. 🙂  I am improving myself to be more Spiritual and Spirit based.  I am acting like a Priestess in many ways now that I had not noticed previously.

You may question this. You may see me as a horrible person because I am not poor.  Well let me tell you, I’ve been there.  I have been homeless, I have not known wehre I get my next meal but you know what? I worked my ass off to recover from that and I will not go back to that.  I am not asking to be wealthy, just comfortable.  I want to be able to help people who need it.  I want to continue to be able to support my local Library, GoodWill, AVDA, local Food Banks and whatever else in my community I can manage.  Since I come from a world where we got by growing up and landed in a world of homelessness to crawl out of it and not be jaded about it but want to help others, I feel pretty good about that.

Am I misled?  Am I delusioned? No I do not feel this way.  I feel amazing and greatful for the opportunities which I have been granted.  I offer always my support, blessings and love to everyone.  If you do me wrong, I wish you no harm, I wish you peace.  If I can make it right, I will.  I will at least always TRY to make it right.  Sometimes I am not successful at this and I learn from those mistakes.  I will try again.

I guess I am growing up.  I look forward everyday to what the day holds for me.  What opportunities I can make for myself and what I can do to help others.  Can I help you?

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The Sacred Dance

Life is but a Sacred Dance that we engage in and share with others, my journey is heavily shared with my friends at Sacred Mists.  It has been a month since I last made time to sit down and write.

The Sacred Dance I have been involved in most recently includes training a new employee, taking on new and exciting responsibilities and tasks and trying to not get too far behind in what I am already doing while still maintaining a personal life with creative outlets. (LOL) This sounds fine and wonderful but in truth is turing out to be far more difficult than I had really thought.

I am loving what I am doing and the growth that it is bringing the small pieces of my Sacred Life and Dance to the forefront so that I do not become lost in the “mundane” and am able to maintain some of the beauty that is found in nature, life and magick in general.  The soft caress of a breeze, a bird singing, the sound of my keyboard as I progress through my day.

I started this entry about a week ago and am finally able to sit down and finish it.  It seems that the days are flying past me and with each passing day a new step and a new lesson occurs.

Being a part of Sacred Mists over the years in one capacity or another has aided my growth in my personal life as well as Spiritual.  In the last few years I have gone from being a Very Angry person (IE: one with a short temper that angers and rages easily) to one of Kindness and Compassion.  I do still get angry but the road to get me truly angry is quite long and the fuse burns fast and calm returns to me.  I attribute this largely to actually living and walking my path daily.  Not a day goes by that I do not work with energy and Reiki.  Not a day goes by that I do not do some kind of healing work.  I practice active compassion in as many ways as I can.  I will never turn someone away who needs my assistance or wishes to engage me in some way.

Difference of Opinion is not a problem as I feel everyone has a right to their opinions as I do mine.  I am willing to discuss very nearly anything.  I will dance and sing my path each day and for those that wish to share in it, I will do so happily, those who wish to question me on it, I will answer you happily and with kindness.

I have learned Patience, Compassion, Love and Joy from my path.  Sacred Mists has helped me achieve this state of mind where I can see things more clearly for my own life and my connection to the world and universal energy.  My connection to Deity.

Walking forward with my head held high I share peace and joy, remembering always what has gone before me and behind me.

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