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Dealing with Disappointment

I consider myself a very lucky person.  I have a great job working for Sacred Mists which is an amazing small company to work for.  My boss is my mentor, Lady Raven Moonshadow.   It really is an amazing thing and place to work for.  I am nurtured both spiritually and able to work for a company I belive in and can fully support at the same time.

Nothing is ever perfect but this comes pretty close.  I am able to use my creative talents to bring more to the table as well as my technical skills to improve the way we work and handle issues.

My latest is that not only do I get to work for a wonderful and fulfilling place, I get to create and build products in my off time and sell them to the Shoppe wholesale.  This is an amazing opportunity to allow my skills to reach so many people.  Like anything it’s slow going since I do work full time and this is something I do in my spare time.  I have suffered my first set back in this venture.  The latest shipment has been lost by the Postal Service.  I now am scrambling to  re-craft everything while not compromising quality of the product and get it reshipped by the middle to late part of this week.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement, I am disheartened and heart sick at the same time.  I do hope that the package shows back up at some point  In the mean time I make due with what I can and craft.

Summer is in full swing in South Florida.  The days are oppresively hot and stuffy.  The sun on the courtyard of our townhome is beautiful in the sunlight.  It’s just too hot to be IN the sun for too long.  I had wanted to work on a Drawing Down of the Sun this summer, but I am thinking the timing is off and I will be doing it in the Winter to bring the warmth back with the next turn of the Sun around Yule/Imbolc.

Thoughts and ideas bubble and brew in my head and I walk ever forward in my Path and Life.

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Rising above ???

As I walk the path of the Priestess and Witch, I am ever thankful for the Community and my mentor Lady Raven Moonshadow of Sacred Mists.  I have learned much and will continue to learn much as things come together.

One of the things I have actively been working on fairly actively lately is learning to not react out of emotion.  I’ve noticed that when I do I can come across as petty and intolerant when I am truly striving to be the exact opposite of that.

As a Priestess I grow every day and learn more and more fabulous things about myself and the world around me.  Anyone who tries to tell you being a Priestess is easy they have no idea what it truly means to be a Priestess.  To be a Priestess you find yourself responsible for the education of your students, for their spiritual health and growth.  As a responsible party you must learn a degree of Clinical Detachment to not become too embroiled in their everyday struggles and dealings but must let them learn to fall and pick themselves back up on their path.  You must learn to not take responsibility for their actions while at the same being responsible for their spiritual grown as previously mentioned.  It’s a tenuous and fine line that must be walked.  Not very easy.

As a 3rd Degree Dedicant of the Sacred Mists Tradition I have discovered that in order to walk this fine line you must learn that everything is in shades of grey.  There is no black and white in any situation.   A degree of temperance must be learned and applied.  Additionally as a Priestess you must learn that you do not know the answers to everything.  A Priestess no matter what her level is will learn as she goes from others including those who she is teaching.

There is no magick formula which tells you when you are ready to take this on, you work and have your goals, one day it just feels like the next step you had been working towards will not come and then you have an “A HA moment” where you realize that goal has come and gone and you have been doing what you wanted to do and what you worked towards.  That moment is glorious and fills you with an amazing light and beauty.  Then you come back to Earth and find another goal awaits you and you keep learning and moving.

I guess the point of this is that you, as a Priestess must rise above the mentality that because you have been taught XXX or YYY or XYZ that you know all there is to know about that.  You have to rise up and learn that there will always be something more about it to learn.  In this process you will come to see that your emotions play a huge part of what you are doing and how you react to these things.  You must apply clinical detachment in order to move through some of the more difficult lessons or you may very well be caught up in a fog of self-doubt, pity, shame or any other unhealthy emotion.  In order to teach and lead you must continue to be taught and be led.

My mentor, Lady Raven Moonshadow learns from me and I from her.  I work with her daily both for mundane work as well as anything that needs adjusting in my own growth so that I meet my next goal.  I am lucky that I have the medium of the Internet to connect with some wonderful people around the globe to learn from and to teach.  It’s truly a beautiful thing.

For now, I offer you my Blessings of Joy and Laughter for this fine Friday the 3rd of July.  May your weekend be filled with Laughter and Love, Lilyth

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