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Life of a Sacred Mists Priestess

For many years now I have been a Priestess of Sacred Mists.  I am trained and Initiated into this tradition.  The tradition is an Eclectic-Celtic Faerie Wiccan Tradition.  (what a mouthful eh?)  What does it mean really?

It means we have a base in Traditional Celtic or British Witchcraft.  We use the Degree System to show attainment of our goals and understanding of the material and of our path in general.

The Degree System we use is Degree’s 1-3.  Each student is guided by Student Teachers, Participation and Lady Raven Moonshadow who keeps up to date with students via their Journals (more about the journals to come).

1st Degree Dedicants are defined by their participation, lesson completion, ritual attendance and Sabbat Ritual Attendance.  The student is required to journal their path via a Forum based Journal Thread for them specifically.  These journals are reviewed regularly by Lady Raven, the Graders and often fellow students.  The lessons are not multiple choice and often contain questions that require additional reading and research.  The 1st Degree is one of Basic instruction into Wicca and for the long time practitioner a review that is designed to push your understanding further through reading and participation.

2nd Degree Dedicants are defined by the same base that 1st Degree; however here is where the coursework becomes more Practical in nature.  Our student graders are of the 3rd Degree Dedicants for the 2nd Degree Course Lesson Grading.  These are the lessons where you will be pushed further into deeper understanding of the Craft, Wicca and our Tradition.  Again Journaling is required and participation measured with required minimum of 3 Sabbats per degree where you are required to write Essays of them.

3rd Degree Dedicants are a very different type of student.  These are the students who wish to Initiate (and have done so) into the Sacred Mists Tradition and wish to be taught more deeply on a one on one basis with Lady Raven that will enable the student to have a Hive Coven of Sacred Mists in their local area.  This is the path of the High Priest and Priestess and not the “natural” progression.
If you attain your 1st and 2nd Degree’s with Sacred Mists but do not wish to become a High Priest or Priestess of a Local Hive or Sister Coven, then you may proceed with any of the Developed Adept Programs or other courses offered by Sacred Mists such as the Historical Paganism Course, Herbalist, or Reiki Courses.

Where do I fit into this equation?  I am a 3rd Degree Dedicant and have been for a number of years.   This part of my path has been difficult and humbling the entire way.  There were things I thought I knew that I had only begun to scratch the surface on.  The days that I choose to live as a Priestess of Sacred Mists involve a great deal of introspective thought and consideration.  I choose to be involved with students as both a student, administrator, and leader.  These are all challenges which I work very hard to rise to and come out on the other side of a painful situation with love and a deeper understanding.  My goal is to become a High Priestess and lead locally via Sabbat Festivals and Esbats.  To teach the ways to those who wish to learn from me.

Everyday begins the same for me.  I rise and give thanks to another safe night and another chance for a new Beginning in each day.  I work closely with Lady Raven as we Administer her beautiful soul work that is Sacred Mists.  We learn and teach together.  I welcome all those who have a genuine love for the Craft, for Wicca or are just curious.  I will never lie to a student, I will never run from a problem but will seek to solve the problem in a way that benefits all those involved.  I make mistakes, we all do.  I own my mistakes and do my best to learn from them.

Most recently my mistake was to try and resolve something that I felt would be good for all those involved with an open disclosed resolution.  This of course was not the way it would work out and I learned from the experience.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.  Sacred Mists provides me an outlet to both learn and teach at the same time.  It is a valuable place for my own growth.  I am thankful for it every day.

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Challenges of life and a Priestess

One of the challenges of working on your own Spiritual Path and in any type of Spiritual Life is one that occurs repeatedly over and over again.  Defense of your choices.  Of course this is not limited to your Spiritual Life; however, this seems to be an area that is the hardest to cope with and defend.

Defense of a loved one, Defense of a Home, Defense of your life.  These are things that are easily (in comparison it seems) handled versus defense of your spirituality.

Over the last dozen plus years that I have been on the Path of Wicca and following the ways I have repeatedly been confronted with one of a series of  of questions regarding my path.  The obvious is why I don’t believe in God. *sigh*  This question I am getting really good at answering.  The most frustrating for me is why I pay someone to learn Wicca and the ways when I can get it for free elsewhere.  For a long time I was very irritable when this question was asked.  Why?  I did not have an answer that people really accepted so I was answering it to the same people over and over again which is truly frustrating.

Why do I pay for my education?  In a nutshell it’s valuable to me.  Yes I can learn for free or read books and I do both; however, they lack something in structure and ethics that just does not work for ME.  And remember this is MY path and MY choice.

I choose to pay for my education because:
1) I have learned valuable ethics for my path
2) I have an incredible mentor who not only guides but learns from me as well
3) I receive the support of a truly amazing community
4) My lessons are personalized to my path and how I walk my path .

There are no multiple choice, no right and wrong but how it works for me and where my path is taking me.

Additionally there are opportunities within this wonderful Circle and Coven to teach and grow my own leadership skills so that I will one day be a good High Priestess.

The learning process is never over for any of us we will always learn from the challenges which are set upon our path.

Some of my current challenges include:
1) Not allowing anyone to have the power over me to make me feel or look badly
2) Realizing that while I stand at the Crossroads I can move through them with my head held high
3) I am a good Priestess and always strive to do the right thing despite how it may look sometimes.
4) I make mistakes and that is OK, the important thing is that I continue to learn from my mistakes and move forward from them.

Sure these seem to be pretty standard; however, I find myself on the occassion internally beating myself up over some seemingly “big” thing I did wrong though it was not really “WRONG” just different and an opportunity to learn.

Thoughts from my addled mind.

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Litha this way comes

Tis finally full-fledge summer.  Of course that starts early here.  In South FL the days are hot and steamy and the nights are hot and steamy!  The only difference is the degree of heat due to the beating down upon you oppression of the Sun.  Make no mistake though it may be oft times unbearable outside I adore the Summer.  While it’s true I prefer the cooler Fall and Winter.  Summer holds deep nature magick.

With green shoots and flowers blooming even my townhouse neighborhood is quite lovely with green green grass, palms and the occassional hibiscus trees, bushes and hedge.

The summer showers cool the world around us for a brief period then heat up to a nice sauna. (HA!)

So far my plans are fairly small.  A couple friends and maybe the friend of a friend.  A nice simple ritual.  Drawing down the Sun perhaps and a pot luck feast.

I think for outdoor decorations I am leaning towards some lovely flower garlands picked up at the craft shop and some flowers for window boxes from Home Depot. 

yes Litha definitely this way comes and I intend to fully partake in the blessings of the longest day and a day of Festivities and Faerie Magick!

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