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Rune, Runes?

Well today’s reading started out as typically it would with the shaking and massaging of the little velvet bag.  I pulled out a rune. o.O nope tossed it back in because I must not have shaked it up enough (same rune as yesterday).  Pulled out a rune.  Nope same rune was clearly meant to have another day of the Waves or Communication Rune.

When I was setting my bag down the Moon Crescent dropped out so I put that with the Waves.

Today’s lesson or work is clearly compounded with the drawing of two runes today.  The Moon is for Inspiration or Psychic Awareness.  The ability to create what I want, to see my true wishes and desires.

Hmmmm…interesting.  I guess today will be a good day for me to actually begin further work on my 3rd Degree Lessons in addition to starting the proposal process ofr a class I want to write on Body Mechanics and Magick.  Today is a day of Creation!  Today I will write, create and Inspire!

Pictures will be added later

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Today’s Rune

It’s been a couple days since I have drawn a rune and I missed it greatly. Things have been hectic to say the least.

I will edit with a picture when I get my camera out.

Today’s Rune is Flight. The flight rune looks like a childrens drawing of wavy birds in flight. As it pertains to air this is a rune of communication and guidance.

Today has been a not good day in the grande scheme of things and my communication skills are going to be put to the test repeatedly over the next several hours.

My lesson in this rune is that I should work with the wisdom of spirit and love ofthe Goddess while I formulate any emails to be sure that the meaning is conveyed properly and that I say what I mean and mean what I say. Things to ponder. More later hopefully.

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A rune a day

This morning when pulling my daily consideration rune I was contemplating the weather we have been having which is incredible thunder showers every morning. This is a blessed relief as we are SO dry its nearly frightening to think of the coming fire season.

As I jiggled the bag I enjoyed the sound of the rain falling in a heavy pour outside my sliding glass window. I pulled the Woman Rune today

womanThis is a rune for creation, nurturing and indicates gentle action.

I am not sure what today holds for me; however, I will take this as a reminder to temper myself with love and light in any and all situations I may come against today.  I will find resolution for problems through quiet peaceful actions.

Today is a rainy day, a day that the elements nurture the planet and I will nurture my spirit and life.  My body will be cared for, my family will receive affection and love from me and I will fill my spirit with cleansing light.  Good day for introspection and ritual planning. 🙂

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A Journey

Today my day started a little differently than normal.  My husband got up early and headed to work early.  His brain must have started thinking about the project he is working on.  I stayed in bed a little while then got up and started getting ready. 

Recently I purchased some Witches Runes from Sacred Mists Shoppe.  I’ve been saving for the runes I wanted along with a few other really nicely done hand-poured candles a new Goddess Statue and a Himalayan Salt Lamp.  Anyway the runes I picked are the Premium Witches Runes in Obsidian

I’ve never used Witches Runes before.  These stones are absolutely gorgeous.  They are LARGE flat stones that are hand carved and painted.  Truly Stunning.  They arrived this week well packaged and protected with a little card of meanings.  I will be taking the Extension Course at Sacred Mists that is offered for free with my tuition to become better acquainted with them.

To try and start working with them.  I put them all in the lovely little velvet pouch they came with and gently stirred them around by massaging and shaking the bag.  I pulled out the Triquetra

triquetraAccording to one website this is a Romance Rune and is ruled by the conflicting energies of Venus and Mars, therefore this stone carries a great deal of weight in any reading, since it has to do with reconciling opposites.  What an interesting rune to pull today.  The last two weeks I have been struggling with dealing with my own growth versus others and finding a way to balance the spiritual with the mundane more than I have been.  Perhaps this is my clue to find that balance at last.

My next step with this will be to work small rituals into each day in appreciation of the Divine, spend time studying and not fretting over ‘relaxing or downtime’  I can do only my best and it shall have to be just that.  I will move forward continuing to do my best all the while striving to grow and learn more so that my best continually gets better.  Hmm…A lesson and Growth! 

I will pull a rune everyday and try to remember to blog about it and what comes to mind when I work through the rune.

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A Mile in my Shoes, Journey though Sacred Mists

Conversations with me tend to be one of only a few ways.

1)Boring as all hell
2)Amusing and Filled with Childlike Delight
3)Extremely Profound and OMG lightbulb moments.

I just had one of those Lightbulb moments when having a discussion about my 3rd Degree Path with my Mentor & Teacher Lady Raven Moonshadow.

We were discussing the path of the 3rd Degree Student and the goals.  Specifically my Calling and goals of being where I am came into the conversation.

What are my goals?  What IS my Calling?  I am a beloved Child of the Goddess, I take my strengths and hope from working with Her.  With her support and guidance I navigate through my challenges with peace in my heart under the mentor ship of Lady Raven.  One day I will lead public rituals on Esbats and Feasts on Sabbats locally.  I will have made connections to local Pagans, Wiccans and Heathens who walk the ways of Olde and will teach, organize and facilitate many beautiful things.

In order to do this I must walk many miles through many treacherous paths which will lead me to this goal.  These paths are no all fun and games, they are not easy.  They REQUIRE of me to give of myself 110%, they require that I undergo trials that will stretch my perceptions, my abilities and my strengths.  They will show my weaknesses and allow me to strengthen them.

Walking through Shadow or under Storm clouds is not fearful.  I do not fear what lies on the otherside of these trials because I know the Sun lies there in wait for me to emerge strengthened.

One day I will complete my 3rd Degree studies, I will walk into local shops, rent space and gather those who are of similar minds so that I can lead them in Ritual with my head held high.  I will teach a class.  I will guide those who are lost and confused out of their shadow realm.  I will do this with the guidance of the Goddess.  I will do this because I will have been trained to do this by Lady Raven.  I will feel the Grace of the Goddess fill my very being.  Yes I have moments where I will slip.  These always will exist.  Yet I will grow and learn from these things.  I will walk forward with the knowledge that I Serve the Goddess and her People.  It is their will that brings me home.  It is their will and desire that shall wear the tread on my shoes.  For this I will continue to be.  I will continue to learn.  I will continue to lose tread on my shoes until there is nothing left of them.  When the shoes are worn and I remain, I will get new shoes and continue my Path and Journey.

This is my calling.  This is my Path.  This is my Journey.

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Who am I?

Once upon a time in a kingdom of great warmth and humidity lived a simple woman. 

The woman came from a background of hard work and tough times.  For a period she was considered homeless and lived as a Gypsy on the couches and in the spare rooms of her friends for short periods of time and then moving on.  She held down a full time job that enabled her to eat, have insurance and take public transportation but not so much that she could afford an apartment of her own.  Eventually her parents found out of the living conditions which she did not mind terribly but they did.  Moving to the same county as their daughter this enabled her to save money and work 2 jobs to do so.  You see she was in love with a wonderful and intelligent man.  They wanted to purchase a house.  While her credit was not so good his was lovely and she contributed what she could to make this happen for them.  After the home purchase she did not work as she did not have a car of her own any longer and the public transportation schedule did not facilitate her to keep her 3rd shift position.  In the August move she was busy unpacking their home and keepign it clean.  September came and she began to be restless and yearned for a job that she could finally not struggle form month to month.  She applied for a local yet large dot com web hosting provider and waited.  As October hit her contacts for Halloween seasonal jobs @ the Costume Shop and Haunted Houses paid off for a little cash to keep her busy and not constantly cleaning the already clean house out of boredom.

In November she accepted a position in sales.  Her career blossomed under the mentorship of a good Manager then Director.  Growing from Sales Rep to Order Administration to Supervisor to Assistant Manager to Project Coordinator to Channel Management throughout her 10 year career.  She made several friends and found a place where she could be who she was with no hiding.  You see she was a Witch and Wiccan.  This place allowed her to not hide who she was as they were open minded and asked questions without judgement.  After 10 years she left this place which had turned from the warm home and career she loved to a cold place where she just worked to pay the bills and support her lifestyle.  She took a new job for less money.   One that encouraged her spiritual development and growth, one that challenged her greatly.  One she loves dearly for a woman who she sees as both friend and mentor.

No place can please all the people all the time.  This place strives to enourage growth through study, self-study and community interaction. This place has given me the greatest gifts of my personal growth.

What has the cost been for me?  Do I look at the cost of my tuition and think it is a waste to spend the money?  I’ve spent over a thousand dollars on my education at Sacred Mists over the last 7 years.  It to me is money well spent.  I support the Community, the Tradition, my Mentor, my High Priestess.  So what has the cost been for me?  Over the last 7 years + I have lost something.  I have lost uncontrollable anger, the need to compete with my peers, the unending thirst to be the best.  I have gained, patience, grace, light and much love.  This is a price I don’t mind paying to have the beauty of Wicca and the closeness of the Goddess grant me Serenity. 

I have learned who I am, what my purpose is.  I hear the Call of the Goddess to be her Priestess very strongly.  I will serve her to the best of my ability to help facilitate growth and light within my community and Coven.  I will help heal hurts.  I will guide.  I will mentor.  I will teach.  Now and always.

I am Amethyst Lilyth M.  I am a Priestess.  I am a woman.  I am.

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Hurts and Growth

As human beings why do we continually hurt one another?

In a public forum an untruth was posted about me.  I did not “retire” from a position I once held because I did not want to deal with the hassel.  I was removed from my post because I simply did not have the time to devote to the post as I once did when I switched from my 10 year career at a Corporate Web Hosting Company to begin my career at Sacred Mists.  This switch involved a pay cut and a lot of hours so that I could learn the ropes.   I have done some very good things and failed miserably at some tasks.  I learned and grew and now can say I am very good at my job.  I work hard and intelligently and long hours.  There is a lot to do for so few people to do the work.

Anyway, my point is that through all trials I will grow and become more of the Priestess I know is in my heart and spirit than the day before.  People hurt others through their words.  I have been deeply hurt by the words of someone who is no longer a part of our Circle.  I have struggled to make amends with myself with those words.  You see I am not misguided.  I can make my own decisions and do so daily.  I do not *have* to grow and learn but I CHOOSE to do so.  I have found a mentor who is honest with me and lets me make my mistakes so that I can learn from them.  Lady Raven and Sacred Mists may not be for everyone; however, they are for me. 

Over the years I have been a practicing Wiccan I have been involved with local Wiccans and Pagans, I have attended public rituals.  I have attended rituals at Sacred Mists.  I have led rituals at Sacred Mists.  I have led rituals with Student Council Members from Sacred Mists in a face to face manner.  This last ritual was the first “in person” ritual I have done that was not Solitary.  I do lead Solitary Rituals as health allows.  Which has been scant as of late as I have been sick since the beginning of April.  My road to physical recovery has been long and trying but slowly I get there.

As an active & participating Wiccan, I hold very closely to my heart the Wiccan Rede.  I will not ever cause intentional and malicious harm to another person, animal or plant.  I have a very strict personal code of ethics that I tie to my spirit.  I will not lie, I will not cheat, I will not harm, I will not be false.  I am who I am and that is simply, Me.  I give fully of myself with no holding back.  I share with my community all of my growth and hope that it helps others as they too grow.

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Sacred Spaces

I have been walking my path now in its varied forms for 20 years now (since the tender age of 16). I state varied forms simply because I began by studying and learning of the New Age Movement, the Occult and came to find Wicca about 13 years ago. When I came to Wicca I felt an amazing lightness and rightness that this was the path I wanted to walk. I found my Connection to the Divine. I attended and took part in my local Coven’s Rituals each month until it was separated by the Death of our High Priest.

I walked as a Solitary until about 7 years ago attending the odd class here and there. 7 years ago I found Crystal Waterfall which led to Sacred Mists. In the last 7 years I have seen tremendous Spiritual & Personal Growth from within myself.

Along with my own growth spurts my Altar Space has grown from a small desktop to a full Altar in a room dedicated to meditation, relaxation and peace in my home. This would have been the bedroom of my children had I decided to travel that path.

My altar changes with the seasons, my moods and my fancy. Most recently I have added two lovely silver chalices which I purchased at Goodwill (where I can get the most beautiful pieces for my Altar at affordable prices) that are used for my Goddess candles. On the wall of my Space are two Votive Sconces which were gifts from my Mother In Law many years ago. A Dryad Design Plaque, also a gift from a cherished friend and a painting I did myself of the Triple Goddess. Draped from sconce to sconce is a Sunflower Vine for summer light and growth.

Altar Wall

Altar Wall

Here you can see the lovely chalices, My white altar candle and in my Cauldron my Sacred Mists Tradition Pillar which serves as a second Altar Candle. In the center my Altar Paten, Crystal Ball and my tools placed around the altar.  I am a Witch who finds fascination in the gemstones and lessons from the Earth within those stones and minerals so you can see many of them scattered in various places around my altar.  The book rest you see is where I can place small books for reading from or my Kindle which I keep an E-BoS on for performing my Solitary Rituals that are scripted and not improv.  This picture was taken near the full moon and the large ivory pillar is my full moon candle.  As the Moon wanes it is replaced with a black candle for the New & Dark Moon.



My altar fits my summer growth period as I lean towards the light of day and embrace the warm & humid nights of a South Florida Summer.

From deep within I feel a stirring as something awakens and beckons me towards it.  I feel growth coming and wrapping it’s arms around me.  Yes it’s time for me to come out of hibernation.  My familiar has been gone nearly a year now and I must press on.  I can no longer sit on the sidelines and grieve without ritual.  I will always miss her sweet mrow and presence in ritual.  May she rest peacefully and delight in the Summerlands till we are reunited.

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Sacred Mists, a sense of Community

Over the last several years I have been growing into a Community. While it is true this Community is an online Community I’ve been growing into it, with it and because of it.

I have been a member, student, teacher, and administrator in varying capacities and at varying times for Sacred Mists now for just over 7 years. I have been with Sacred Mists since its beginning online 7 years ago as it started from the ashes of the defunct and dying Crystal Waterfall School & Community.

In the 7 years I have been there I have undergone an immense amount of personal and spiritual growth. These growth spurts and events have not been easy at all but each and every one of them has been valuable and worth the effort I put into those events.

There has been a lot of talk on the ‘net’ about people who teach and learn from an online school or community rather than from someone locally. There is also a lot of talk about whether or not it should be free or not. I have been paying for my Spiritual Education for the last many years completely by my own choice and do not regret a single dollar spent on it. I consciously made the choice to go down this path and route. My very boundaries tested and On the otherside of those challenges I emerge wiser for having experienced them.

I have a great community filled with people I have never met and many I may never meet that support me in my growth and are there for me at all the twists and turns this path takes me.

Understand please that I do know that my chosen path is not for everyone. While yes I do feel connections via the internet and can feel a shift in energy when in a Chatroom Ritual and can feel the energy of others who have come to the Ritual with me, not everyone can. This is a very challenging thing to do online and simply is not for everyone and I understand that and harbor them no ill-will nor do I look down upon them because they do not or cannot feel comfortable in my chosen path. The fact remains that their path lies elsewhere and I wish them abundance of life and growth and love in their path.

Over my years at Sacred Mists I have held many positions of varied degrees of Leadership to further my own growth challenges. I have been a board facilitator on many boards, I have been a mentor, I have been a teacher, I have been a Director of Leadership, a Student Council Member and Administrator. The positions I have been in have allowed me to develop curriculum, to help others in the school find their way around, I led the entire leadership team until such a time when the rigors of my new job as Administrator and Shoppe Services did not allow me to continue on. I currently remain a Student Council Member and Administrator for both School and our online Shoppe. Every day I work very hard to bring quality to those who desire and demand it of the School and Shoppe. I do not always succeed in bringing that to every single person but I strive to achieve it. I have worked for Sacred Mists now for one year and 2 months. I left a job in a Corporate Dot Com that paid me extremely well, took a pay cut and found happiness in my job. I feel like I am doing something to help the Community. I feel good about that.

I love my community and every student in it, past and present. I wish everyone that they achieve their goals, find love and blessings in their path no matter what that path may be. If you are a past member and disagree with me, I welcome your opinion and appreciate your opinion. If you are a present member and want to see change, I welcome your feedback and will do everything I can to improve things for you. I will never squelch or censor what is posted here in my blog, I will always answer it if an answer is warranted or requested.

Again this is my personal growth blog and I will always share my thoughts of my community with open honesty and love. I respect my community, I have grown thanks to my community at Sacred Mists.

Well this turned out to be rather long and rambly. For anyone reading this, sorry about that.

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Opportunity Knocks

Do you answer the door?

Do you recognize the knock?

Like many people I find myself often in the dark until some synchronistic event triggers a warning knock in my head that will turn on the lights and help me realize that Opportunity is indeed knocking on my door.

One such situation can be seen in how I act when faced with some sort of adversity.  Most recently with the start of Mercury Retrograde today coupled with a very emotional me thanks to my Monthly Cycle which follows the Full Moon (also yesterday) I have been extremely quiet in general.  I keep to myself, I do my job, I spend time with students and fellow Leadership.  I speak from my heart and spirit with truth and grace. Somehow yet again, I have become  the focus of a rather negative smear campaign, by a former student of Sacred Mists who is posting volumes of untruths about Sacred Mists leadership, attacking both personally and organizationally.   I am facing this challenge with grace and light as is befitting my path as a Priestess of Sacred Mists and a Servant to my Goddess.

In this latest, it seems as if it is assumed the Vacation (which is our annual group retreat) in which I went on last year with several of my fellow Student Council Members was “treated” to this retreat, which of course implies that it was “paid for” by Sacred Mists.  This is simply not the truth.  Truth is, the retreat was paid for by each member and was hosted by me at my timeshare which was purchased many years ago when I worked for a large corporate dot com company before the dot com bubble burst. This was a way we were able to save money because we utilized an existing available location rather than spending money on hotel or vacation rental accommodations that would also have had to be paid for between the attending members.  Each attending member paid for their own airline tickets and helped pay for food costs and other incidentals that came up during the weekend. In fact, not all members were able to attend because of airfare costs, etc. We missed them, but gathered for a weekend of learning, growth and group experience that aided us in our path of service for all students of Sacred Mists, through group experience that aided us deeply, not only in our own spiritual path  but also in our path of service that we provide to all students of Sacred Mists, as well as the Tradition as a whole

The question then becomes how can I learn from this and grow with grace.  It seems that this is evident.  I refuse to retaliate.  I will not stray from my path by causing Harm to anyone though they are attempting to harm my Spiritual Home at Sacred Mists by continually posting negative and untrue statements about said home.  I wish this person truly and from my heart nothing but the best of things in life and that he find peace and what he seeks.

Over the years at Sacred mists I have learned a level of grace and understanding that allows me to walk the path of the Priestess.  I must allow someone to hurt me for the hurt to be caused.  I do not give this permission.  I will continue to practice my Wiccan path in this manner as I do take the Rede seriously and will not cause intentional harm and will serve my Goddess and my Coven with the Grace I have learned.

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