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March & April Showers…bring May Flowers

The last couple of months have been a terribly trying time for me in many ways.

I guess I will start with going over March & April so that I don’t forget or so that those who read this and have not been on my flist for long know what’s going on.

March 2nd – Hot WaterTank busts and leaks all over my downstairs carpet in half the dining room. Carpet is all connected so the insurance covers a chunk of it to get it all replaced.

For the 1st week of March I lived with Industrial Fans & De-Humidifiers in my downstairs to prevent mold and other nasty health problem potentials

We picked out a lovely tile and laminate for the downstairs and upstairs hallway.

Anyway that was a week of very loud work. The end result was a TON of dust and mess that was slowly cleaned up since after it was done Keith was off to North Carolina for an unknown time.

His Gram was not doing well and not expected to last long. By March 26th she breathed her last breath and departed for the Summerlands and into the arms of her beloved relatives past and her God.

I flew to PA for the funeral service on March 30th and came home on the 31st. It was an exhausting 48 hours but I survived it.

April 1st. I got sick. What started as a head cold evolved into Sinusitis and later Bronchitis and Laryngitis. I have literally been sick he entire month of April thus far. I am recovering but the recovery is quite slow and I become fatiqued very easily. I cannot do too much without getting dizzy, coughing or extremely tired.

On April 24th my Aunt Pat passed into the Summerlands, joining family and friends who have gone before her. Several weeks ago she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. The diagnosis was too late and she passed quietly under the influence of morphine.

It’s been a very trying time and during the last two months I have felt myself shifting gently from old habits and ways into new ones. Pieces of me are evolving and changing. I am becoming more intune with my spirit and my Goddess. I stand before the Crossroads once more and am choosing which direction to take. With Hecate to guide me, I know I will be safe and will continue to grow and guide others as I myself am guided by others.

The rain that has pummeled my life for March and April washes away that which was not nourishing my Spirit and life, shows me the value and necessity of the Cycle of Life as I work through the losses we have been through and in May I shall emerge with a new shoot and flowers to bloom.

I shall say my good-byes in ritual and shall greet the new with gentleness and genuine growth light.

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