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For the firs time since Megan (my familiar) crossed over in June of 2008, I am starting to feel the stirrings of magick awakening in my spirit.  It is fitting that I celebrate Ostara today.  New Beginnings indeed.

As the Earth begins to awaken to the calls of Spring and warming of the Sun, my spirit flies on the breeze hat blows gently outside my window and through the trees.

The stirrings could in part be due to the simple and basic fact that thanks to home improvements I had to move my desk into the room where my atar is.  This is the 2nd week I have been in the room working daily.

Being surrounded by the implements of my faith and magick I cleaned off my altar, dusted it off and reset it.  it is as if I am emerging from a Chyrsallis and stretching my wings.

I started in small ways at first last week by simply lighting a stick of incense and a candle every morning.  I quietly added in a little blessing and prayer.  Rebuilding my routine.

For the last two weeks a gentle peace has settled over my spirit.

Today mid-day feeling completely at ease and peaceful, I lit a few small candles a fresh stick of incense and made a simple verbal prayer and blessing to the Goddess in honor of the coming of Spring to the world.

Tonight I believe I will write  simple Solitary Ostara Ritual.

The last several months without Megan have been very difficult for me to even think of doing a ritual without her.  She was always there.

Now I feel at peace.  I am thankful for Lady Raven Moonshadow’s guidance throughout my mourning process and for her wisdom in telling me it was OK to mourn and that when the time was right I would again do ritual in a renewed manner.  She’s so smart. 😉

Once again I grow and learn more thanks to Sacred Mists.

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Catch Up & Grow?!

It is a truly simple thing.  The simple act of catching up.  I’ve been in a continued frenzy of catching up at work and for life in general for what seems to be eons.  Of course this is a great exaggeration of the reality of it.

Now finally I feel like I am getting into the “Fu” of my life (think Kung Fu but better and more personal). 

Each day that goes by presents new challenges of self and the way I do things.  It’s really quite neat.


Last week we had a catastrophe (well it was in my book) at the house when our hot water heater went blooey and made a HUGE mess soaking a full 1/3 to 1/2 the downstairs carpeting.  Water Damage Specialists come in for extraction and for leaving the monstrosities of fans to dry everything out.


3.5 days later I had a splitting headache from the constant thrum and whirling of 3x Industrial sized Fans and 1x Industrial De-Humidifier.  Quiet was never so wonderful.   Friday this past week the plumber finally made it to install the new Water Heater.  Saturday we went Tile Shopping among other things house related.


Yesterday the Screening repair man came (it was LONG overdue and we had been putting it off for like 2 years) and replaced all the screening on our patio.


Where does this fit into my spiritual growth?  We are getting there. 🙂


Over the past week I have been challenged at every move to not get caught up in the mundane and leaving the spiritual  behind while I tend to ‘more pressing’ matters.  The truth of it is that my Spirituality helped me work through these tough times and come out of it more positive and not all grumpy negative nelly-like.


It is truly amazing working with Lady Raven Moonshadow daily and Sacred Mists.  Not only do my own spiritual needs get taken care of but I get to assist others with theirs as well as their purchases for spiritual tools and materials.


Last week, Sacred Mists like always proved to be my rock and foundation for keeping calm, not overly stressing where the $ was going to come from to pay for everything.  I reached out to the Student Council to let them know what was going on and with Lady Raven everyday checking to see how things were going with the house it was truly a Goddess Blessing.


Each day started with a cheery greeting as the day ramped up and ended with a *virtual hug* helped keep me centered.  My fellow Student Council Members have been patiently awaiting me to get my tasks done while I work on home things.  It’s wonderful.   The spiritual support helped me grow a little more.


I found peace and a silver lining in this whole situation where I might not have without their support.  I am walking my path with more confidence and faith in myself.


There will be more frequent posts here to my Witches Diary as I work through the lessons I am working on and my own personal challenges.

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