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been while…

Well it’s bee a while since I’ve been able to write.  It’s been crazy between work, being sick an just now catching up..

Promises of Spring. 

Spring is a beautiful time of year.  In Florida we do not get much of a seasonal change as such; however, I still feel the stirrings of the changes within my spirt.  This is a time of renewal and changes. 

Earlier this year I made a promise to myself that I would attend one full year of Circles at the local Women’s Spiritual Council.  It is facilitated by a Shaman acquaintence of mine that I have worked with off and on for many years now.  The Spiritual Council is held once per month (the last week of the month).  It is a Circle of women who will get together to work on spiritual growth, changes and do shamanic journeys together in a Ritual Circle.  It’s very eclectic and wonderful. 

Last night I attended the first of 2009 and am very glad I did.  The facilitator is really into Astrology and quite good.  We are starting the year off in Mercury Retrograde which is horrid but it goes direct Monday so whew.  Almost done.  There is a Lunar Eclipse on 2/9.  Normally we have 2 eclipses a yea.  This year there will be 3 a total of 6 when you take into account Solar Eclipses (one has happened already).

It is very advantageous to work with Eclipse Energies.  A time of CYCLE shifts, growth and blockage removals. 

I purchased a new journal last night for the Circles for this year so that I can look back and see what I’ve done.  I will be using this journal faithfully as I really want to make use of the tools I have available through this Circle.

With the Eclipses and Cycle Shifts we are going to start working with them.  It was really a neat circle last night and very informative.  Between now and February 9th (the Lunar Eclipse) there are some things that we can look at to assist in the growth opportunities presented.  It is a good idea to start to look at the cycles as they have come to pass in the past so we can see what led us to the point where we are today.  In 9 year cycles, what happened 9 years ago? 18 years ago? 27 years ago? 36 years ago? etc.  I will be stopping @ 36 since that is my birth 🙂  It is rather ironic to look at this and see some major changes in my life that helped build who I am today.  For example 9 years ago in 2000, I got married, changed jobs inside the company I used to work for, went to California for the 1st time.  18 year ago, I graduated high school, met my first fiance, moved out of my parents house for the 1st time.  There were things happening in my life at each of those cycles that built on who I would become and lay the foundation for my own choices in life.

Now we are entering a new cycle.  Find what it is I want to accomplish, how I want to grow and figure out what is stopping me.  This I need to discover by February 23rd.  Plan now for Clarity Later.

Part of this is removing some blockages which may prevent us from attaining our growth.  We are workign with Mandala’s and Shamanic Journey to figure it out via symbolism and ritual work.  To find our blockages and what we need to attain our goal of specific growth, we entered a Journey.  In my Journey I learned a few things which I found interesting.  1- All that glitters is not gold (duh right?, well apply that spiritually and to those that surround me.  There may be a reason for the glitter to distract and hide insecurities and such). 2- I have a wall again.  Part of the wall must come down.  I will not allow myself via fear of failure or fear of success to hide in the shadows of this wall.  I will stand proud of who I am.  I will allow myself to fall and pick up the pieces to learn.  I will allow myself to be successful and compassionate. 3- I am a Priestess (duh~) and I should not fear this or hide in anyway from this.  It is my calling and choice. 4- Clutter, some of this has GOT TO GO.  On the 8th of Februry the blockage Mandala will be ritually burned.  On the 9th I will create a manifesting Mandala to bring into my life something to fill the voids left by the removal of my blockages.  The Manifesting Mandala will be placed on my refrigerator so I see it and remember,

Between now and the Lunar Eclipse on the 9th I need to discover 100 things I want to do in the next year and handwrite this on paper.  The paper will be placed in a dated envelope then in a silver colored box of metal.  The box is to be put in my helpful people corner (feng shui).  it must be placed in this room the day before the Full Moon adn ot looked at for 1 full year.

By doing this I am setting my intentions on creating and doing things.  In one year I will look at this list to see how I’ve done and where I deviated off my ideas or where things just did not work the way I planned.

In addition to that Venus is meeting up with Jupiter 3 times this year which is good for change, and expansion – so more growth chances.  What do I need to do to make the changes happen?  I have 3 chances to figure it out.  What do I want to be?  My chances…Feb 5th, April 17th and May 2nd.  What do I want to be?  I have a good idea but that is a whole other post in of itself.

I’ve notes scribbled in my new journal and thoughts that must be placed in it.

Spring?  Yeah it’s coming.  I am going to embrace this chance for growth!!

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