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Blessed Mabon

The Second or Continuing Harvest. Now, as at Ostara, the days and nights are equal once again. gardens are in full bloom and heavy with nature’s bounty. There is a slight nip in the air already in many places around the Northern Hemisphere and preparations begin to prepare for the long cold months which are to come.


In South FL we do not see much in the way of a seasonal difference as it is frequently quite warm through October.  Today it was a balmy 86+ degrees F with a healthy humidity.


Today unlike most years I will be unable to perform a ritual to celebrate this harvest.  I will have to give my thanks in several days after I am feeling better.  Today I will use my time to rest, rejuvenate and prepare myself for the coming busy season at work and to prepare myself for the busy season as I fulfill my own path and life.


My entry today is devoid of the usual deeper thoughts as I turn my head towards the cold medication on my desk and relish in a long night’s rest so that perhaps tomorrow I will be a little better.

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Bubbling with Excitement

 For the first time in a really long time I have an underlying bubbling of excitement when it comes to my studies.  This is not to say that I’ve been bored.  Just un-enthused, not motivated just sort of walking around in my own little fog.  A fog is sort of an interesting place to be where the many things that excite and invigorate at the spiritual level no longer seem to, can’t get into lessons with any enthusiasm everything just seems greyscale and blah.

Recently I completed my initial draft of my Sacred Mists Tradition Memorial Ritual, which is a variation of the one I wrote with Raushanna de Danu for a student’s memorial last year.  It is only the initial draft; however, it definitely got  my juices flowing to the poing that I sent it to Lady Raven for her review and feedback.

I am considering working on a Handfasting and then a Puberty and then lastly a Baby BLessing ritual.  All I think are valuable rituals and to see them in Coven format will be a site to behold and I’d love to be able to do them one day…in person.

It is amazing how awesome it is to take something and infuse it with creativity of spirit and divine to make it a beautiful ritual.  I love it.

I do hope that I am able to start again going to some of the local and local’ish events classes and such soon.  I like the community interaction and would love nothing more than to be able to present myself as an educated Priestess and provide services as such. 

These are the things my dreams are made of.

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Kindness & Awareness

 Part of my horoscope for today is: 

Compassion begins with our being able to connect with the humanity that lies within each and everyone of us. It is easy for us to disassociate from this part of ourselves for once we start recognizing the struggle that exists in all people we might feel overwhelmed. If we simply allow ourselves to see that these experiences are things that bind us together, that is, that even though they are different they are something we all share, we will begin to feel a deeper sense of oneness with other people. By looking for the humanity in other people today, you will find it easier to act with more love, consideration, and sympathy.


I only posted part of it as it is quite long but the gist of it can be seen above.  In speaking of the way that we look and interact with others, I have found that quite lately, I have been taking on a slightly different perspective.  For a long time I was a very jaded and not happy person.  In part this is because I had no level of personal & spiritual fulfillment in my job.  I was a miserable person with miserable interactions socially through work.   Granted, I learned a great deal about things which would set me on my path.  I grew and learned how web hosting, domain registration and much more worked.  I learned many programs which I would need and many I don’t but will come in handy later.  It provided me a solid base to work with and improve myself upon.


So how does this have anything to do with how I interact with people?  Well when I was miserable  it showed through every pore of my being.  Now that I have found a place which encourages my spiritual development, encourages my personal growth and is flexible to my own needs, I find that my patience is something very different most days.  Please don’t misunderstand, there are days that I could simply scream and strangle the next person who demands something from me or pesters me, I’m not perfect 😉


The difference I think is that I consciously CHOOSE to work on becoming a better person, to work on being more polite, less angry & an all around happier person.


For example, I went to a local New Agey type store this weekend while I was waiting on my hubby to finish selling some really retarded movies we don’t need, won’t watch to a pawn shop.  I went in to get some incense.  I got a pretty pendulum and some incense.

While inside I smiled at the other person shopping and her child and then spoke with the woman who owns the shop & runs it as I recognized one of our own vendor’s merchandise in the store and was pretty excited about it.   She did not have something in that I wanted to try but know I don’t have in stock either but talked to her about the products from this vendor and made some recommendations for her.  It was nice.  My hubby was not done yet so I headed to the storefront he was in and then chatted with the two guys that owned the shop while they went through everything. 🙂

It was all in all a very nice time and set the stage for the day.   I was incurably nice and polite and filled with love for the rest of the day.


A little kindness goes a really long way.  I wish everyone would remember that.  It’s hard on days when you deal with unhappy person after angry person after very angry person.  When no one wants to be kind or patient.  But I try.  I lace each email with love and kindness in the hopes that it reaches someone and makes them smile a little.


I have hope.

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True Fullfillment? heck ya!

My horoscope for the other day (below & this was written several days ago, just now getting time to post) was nail on the head and truly gave me pause to look back a little bit in my life and in my time at Sacred Mists.


Over the last 6+ years I have gained so many new perspectives, learned a great deal in working with Lady Raven Moonshadow as I have worked with her along my path.


Lady Raven is not one of those High Priestesses that is always up your butt telling you to do this and do that.  She’s going to let you fall flat on your face and then be the 1st to lend you a hand to get up again. 🙂  Along the way you learn a lot about personal responsibility and ways to help others along the path.


Someone said something to me today that really got me thinking more about my own path and the impact that I can and do make on people.


“I have to say…we had that talk about esteem and such that one night, ever since then I’ve been happier more confident and open to others about who I am..of course I have to be on the downlow at work…but not entirely and completely…I wear my jewelry and have my pics, have stones and crystals in my office”


The conversation was a simple one really and was very much about just being who you are, accepting yourself, loving yourself not for your faults but for the things you do have to offer.  Owning yourself and not taking crap. 🙂  It seems simple enough to say but harder to follow through on and not fall down.  The important this is that if you do fall down you get back up and pick up and move forward.  Don’t allow the things that push you over to keep you down.


Anyway so the whole thing got me thinking more and more about my actions and my impact and realizing that yes I do have an impact on people both locally to those I call friend, how I react to strangers when shopping and driving and finally to those in my Coven and Circle at Sacred Mists.


I believe that by taking the high road and by helping educate people that I am indeed making a better place for folks to be, a way for them to grow and helping them in the end be leaders of tomorrow for Wicca and Sacred Mists and in the world in general.


How cool…


True Fulfillment

Aries Daily Horoscope


Looking back at what you have achieved in your life today may make you feel fulfilled. Your satisfaction with the things you have both experienced and accomplished might be due to your understanding that everything you do has had a hand in forming the beautiful person you currently are. If you can think about the things you have done that have touched others’ lives in particular—such as volunteering, giving someone you know a helping hand, or encouraging a heartbroken friend—you may notice that your achievements are far-reaching. Perhaps today you can add to your success by consciously making the effort to pay it forward, that is, to do something for others simply for the sake of helping out. Making this a daily practice could make you feel that your accomplishments are even more personally rewarding.


The greatest successes we have in our lives are often the acts of kindness that we do for others. When we think about our accomplishments, we tend to frame them in terms of our career or profession and not in relation to what we give to others. Recognizing that the mark we leave on this world is a true measure of what we are able to achieve helps us realize that we will feel much more fulfilled if we look at what we bring to this world that comes straight from our hearts. Be satisfied with the good works you do today for they ultimately define the success you will have.

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