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Welcome to balance in 2016!

It’s a new year, and it’s been a crazy couple of months. My big project at work was released and pretty much all of my time was taken up with that! I did start playing the piano in the middle of the chaos. I’m not very good, but I’ve noticed that even taking 20 minutes to just practice exercises helps me to break out of the stress-work-stress cycle.

When I get into that stress-work-stress cycle, just about everything else goes away. My creativity and study habits get dropped, as well as any focus on my relationship. Luckily, I have an amazing partner who is familar with this and understands.

As I enter 2016, one of my focuses is balance – balance between the types of work that I do, balance between personal time and work time, balance between spending time with my partner and spending time alone, balance.

It’s easy to talk about balance. But the quesiton is how do I implement it? One of the ways is keeping track of things that I need to do, and things that I want to do, and trying to make sure that I get some done. I’m scheduling time for study and for play as part of my “need” time. Exactly what I do in those times might change depending on what’s going on, but the focus is to make sure to spend time every week to do something.

How do you find balance? This is going to be tough for me, so suggestions would be appreciated.

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2014 Reading Challenge
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