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My Altar at the Cherry Hill Seminary Intensive in 2013

My Altar at the Cherry Hill Seminary Intensive in 2013

I was recently going through my photos, and came across this one. This altar was created ad-hoc at the 2013 Intensive for Cherry Hill Seminary.

I normally travel with a minimal altar – 3 stones to represent fire, well and tree, and a small bowl for offerings. In this particular case, I didn’t realize that we needed to create an altar for the classes until I was in Missouri .. well away from home.

For this altar, I used the cloth I had brought with me for my room altar, my normal offering bowl, a candle and small bowl that I purchased from the shop where the class was being held (Willow Elements) and a glass with a sprig from outside … fairly quickly, I was able to pull together a fire, well and tree altar!

For new folks who are concerned about making sure that they have a good enough altar … this is more than good enough! It worked great at the intensive and similar altars have worked well for me in my travels.

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2014 Reading Challenge
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