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The Witches Tarot

Proceed With Caution 10/3/15 - 10/9/15 #ForesightFriday

Yes, I’m aware that this Foresight Friday post is actually getting to you on Saturday. I apologize for the late posting, but my brain just wasn’t being cooperative and forthcoming with the thinking and word making yesterday. I did pull the card, I just wasn’t able to form a cohesive sentence, lol. So, without any further delay, here’s what we’re dealing with for the week of 10/3/15 – 10/9/15.

Divination Method: The Witches Tarot

Card(s) Drawn: Two of Swords

Proceed With Caution #ForesightFriday

Key Word(s): Opposition, Compromise

My Interpretation: So, perhaps things haven’t gone so well during this Mercury Retrograde. All those plans of being introspective and going inward may have been trumped by interactions that just plain old disrupted our Zen. That’s ok, I’m certain we’re not alone in this.

The Two of Swords tells us that any conflicts we have been having are currently in the midst of a cease fire. A peace has been restored…albeit a fragile one. Perhaps you have reached an impasse…or are choosing to pretend things are fine…or you’re just plain tired of fighting. Whatever the case, the good news is the carnage (physical, emotional, spiritual…etc.) is no longer actively occurring.

I doubt that the situation is over, but the Two of Swords is basically telling us to cool our proverbial jets for the moment and just let sleeping dogs lie. We’re in the final week of Mercury’s Retrograde cycle, and it’s just plain old better to leave well enough alone right now. Instead, try to relax, and maybe do something else that will take your mind off of the situation entirely. Enjoy the break from whatever it is…and find as much balance within yourself, and in your daily life as possible.

There are probably things you still wish to say or do, but this week is truly NOT THE TIME. Wait it out for a bit. You’ll either realize the situation isn’t nearly as dire as you perceived it to be, or you will find the proper way to deal with it.

Hang in there folks, the 9th is the last day of the Retrograde…Until then: Proceed with Caution.

The Fool

Hello! I’m back! I know, I know, you were starting to wonder if I’d forgotten about this place of mine again; but rest assured I’ve been thinking  of it often.

Anyway, I have started studying the Major Arcana of Tarot, and decided the best way for me to remember it all (I’m hoping)  is to write about it, so get ready to hear from me a lot as I go through the Journey of the Fool.

So, as I was looking through the cards again yesterday the phrase “A fool and his money are soon parted” came to mind. Now, once upon I time I used to take this to be along the lines of “There’s a sucker born every minute”. But, this isn’t necessarily so, if we think of the Fool in the terms of the Tarot.

The phrase makes one think that the fool is someone with too little intellect to realize they are spending money on something that is worthless, or a scam. This isn’t always the case, however.

“A fool and his money are soon parted”

The Fool may be naive, and perhaps even ignorant to certain knowledge, but this does not mean that he lacks intellect. Sometimes a fool spends money on things, not because they believe the item is of great value, but simply because they are willing to splurge in order to have a good time. They are carefree and don’t necessarily feel the need to be cautious about finances. The fool throws caution to the wind and goes blissfully on their way, an yes, perhaps spends a bit freely. So, there is truth to the phrase…it’s just not always a bad thing! 🙂

To be a fool is to be embarking on a new journey. The excitement and anticipation of all that is to come puts a spring in your step, and a song in your heart. It is to be innocent, and to be in a state where all is new and fills you with a sense of wonderment.

I think that perhaps we should all try to be the Fool a little more often. We should just stop taking ourselves so seriously, and try to look on the world with new eyes. I think think we’d all be better for it.

Well, that’s my little epiphany for today. See ya again when I take on The Magician!