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Go With the Flow 10/16/15 - 10/23/15 #ForesightFriday #Divination #Pagan

Divination Method: The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards

Card(s) Drawn: Dolphin

Go With the Flow #ForesightFriday #Divination #Pagan

Key Word(s): Joy, Light, Flow, Compassion

Affirmation: “I follow my bliss, knowing I am worthy to experience joy. Riding the waves of inspiration within me, I bring great joy and light into the world.”

My Interpretation: Firstly, let me say: OMG! DOLPHIN!!!!! OK, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let me say that this coming week has the potential to be pretty awesome…

Dolphins are playful, compassionate, full of exuberance, and just goes with the flow. It’s difficult to be down in the dumps when watching dolphins play in the water, they even look like they’re smiling. They go with the flow, but they do not go it alone. They are social creatures with a very strong sense of community. We know they are compassionate creatures, as there are countless tales of dolphins coming to the aid of humans in distress. While they are gentle and friendly, don’t let that smiling face fool ya, they will also mess you (or a shark) up if need be.

What I find interesting about this draw, is something many usually forget about dolphins. They essentially exist between worlds. They evolved from land mammals and developed the necessary physiology to allow them to survive & thrive in the depths of the sea; while continuing to breathe air into lungs and give birth to fully developed offspring. Think of it this way…the surface of the water is the “veil between worlds” and it is something they cross with ease. It is a part of their nature and adds to the depth of their character. Think about the depths of the sea as the Otherworld. Dolphins could survive as surface dwellers, yet they occasionally spend up to 20 minutes at a time below the surface.

Why do I find this interesting? Well, as we approach Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thinning, making it easier to communicate with those on the other side. Since Dolphins move between their 2 worlds with such ease…this could be a good week to start delving into the Spirit Side of Life, and begin working with your Ancestors in preparation for Samhain.

So, this is what I suggest you do this week:

~ Go with the flow

~ Connect with family (blood or chosen), friends, and that which brings you joy

~ Show compassion to others…but don’t forget to be compassionate with yourself as well

~ Honor your Ancestors

I shall leave you with this video I took while whale watching in California. It’s a pod of dolphins that came to swim along side the boat for a bit. It gets a bit manic in spots, and I recommend a low volume (there’s lots of wind noise, and I may have been a wee bit excited to be so close to one of my Totem Animals). Hopefully it’s enough to kick-start your joy. 🙂



The #ForesightFriday 411 for 7/26/15 - 8/1/15This week I’m pulling a card from my “Secret Language of Animals” Oracle card deck…because that’s what nudged me the most this week.

And our card is *drumroll, please*: White Rhinoceros

The White Rhinoceros

Key words for this card are: Stability, Confidence, Steadiness, & Abundance

What this LMOUS (Land Mammal of Unusual Size 😉 ) is telling us: This coming week is a time to breathe deep and reconnect with the earth. Stand outside with your feet firmly planted upon Mother Earth while feeling the warmth of Father Sun upon your face. Take the time to feel their power…their constant, powerful presence…and how you are not only connected to them; but how you are connected to all things THROUGH them.

Take time for inner reflection, and realize your innate awesomeness. Replenish your spirit with the abundant energies of the Earth, while nurturing it with the simple – yet powerful – energies of the Earth Sun and Water. Stand proud, in quiet confidence, and know you have within you all the tools you require to get through this week, and all the weeks that follow.

Be sure to communicate with those you trust regarding your needs…but don’t be surprised if a seemingly unusual partnership pops up. They may not do things the way you do, but their gifts shall compliment yours, and anything resulting from you knocking your noggins together shall be Epic!


Have an awesome week, guys! 😀