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Monty Python

A Positive Message from Monty Python #WednesdayWisdom

This one is short and simple. If you’re having a rough time, or a couple of rotten days, you just need find the silver lining. I’m pretty good at finding the positive spin on a situation…that and my twisted sense of humor are the main reasons I have made it this far in life.

I know this is sometimes a difficult task, but that’s why there’s this amazing thing called “music”…even better “musical comedy”. There’s always a tune or two that can turn this Pixie’s frown upside down, but this one is a classic…and it is apparently a song that is to be played at my funeral, at least according to one of those quizzes going around Facebook. 😉

SO, here’s your reminder to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life:

Lately I’ve been feeling an awful lot like the female restaurant patron in Monty Python’s “Spam” skit.
“Why?”, you ask? Well, let me put it this way:

Scene: A Pixie blogger enters her dashboard to check for comments…

Dashboard: Morning!

Pixie: Well, what’ve you got?

Dashboard: Well, there’s Discount Pharmecutical spam; ; Erectile Disfuntion Spam; Fake Comment spam; Trackback spam —

Pixie: Have you got anything without spam?

Dashboard: spam Porn and spam; spam Viagra spam spam Gibberish and spam; spam Dating Site spam spam Vioxx spam Barely Legal and spam–

Pixie: But I don’t want ANY spam!

Dashboard: Uggh!

Pixie: Whatta ya mean “Uggh!”? I don’t like spam!

So that about sums up most of my time spent dealing with my blog. It’s disappointing, I try to post things that are important to me…and things I think others may want to read…and hopefully enjoy. But I am REALLY tired of the spam.

Spammers, be warned…I will delete you, and flag you as spam…stop wasting your time, and leave me alone!!!!!

Alrighty folks…thus ends this Pixie’s temper tantrum. 😉