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Express Your Spirit #PaganBlogProject #PixiePicADaySelf-Expression occurs in many ways. Some write, some draw, some paint, some become actors or comedians, some create jewelry…the list goes on and on. While creating, in whatever medium is preferred, we tend to infuse much of our Ego into our work. This is sometimes referred to as Expressive Egoism.

Some may think expressing one’s Ego is a bit narcissistic, but that’s taking Egoism up a few notches to Egotism (That “T” makes a difference!). Which would be like going from being concerned about one’s own welfare to being utterly self-absorbed and primarily worried about yourself… Expressive Egoism is pretty much an exploration of self, and we should all do some of that every now and then.

“In reality, my art is a confession made of my own free will, an attempt to clarify my own notion of bottom it is kind of an egoism, but I shall not give up hoping that with its assistance I shall be able to help others achieve their own clarity.” ~Edvard Munch

This all sounds quite serious and fancy-schmancy, but in expressing ourselves we can also discover things about ourselves, our surroundings, and our lives (both Spiritual and Mundane). Time to push the seriousness slightly to the side, because I’ve decided it’s time to have some fun with it.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook knows I’ve had a thing for participating in Photo-A-Day challenges. Well, I thought it was about time there was one that allowed us to express a little bit of our Spirit as well as the Ego. I will admit, I should have come up with this during a “C” week, you know, good ol’ creativity, but I didn’t think of it until this week. SO, you will notice the first 6 days are kinda missing. Whoopsie! Next month will have ALL days included and it will be posted early, so we can all look forward to it.

 So, here it is *points all Vanna White like to the lovely pic below*.

#PixiePicADay #MarchPixiePic

How does this work? Well, basically:

  1. Choose your apparatus of choice! (camera, phone, tablet, etc…)
  2. Check the Monthly list for the daily prompt (The number corresponds to the date of the month)
  3. Take a picture based on the prompt for the day. (Today’s prompt is: Your Sign. Interpret that in whatever way floats your boat) Keep your subject within the overall theme of the challenge which is Expressing Your Spirit!
  4. Once you’ve taken your picture, share it to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtag #PixiePicADay (This way everyone can easily find others that are participating!)
  5. Check out what other’s have posted. It’s always interesting to see how others have interpreted the prompts.
  6. Have Fun, and be sure to check back for Next Month’s List!

That’s it! Easy Peasy! Now get out there and get to Expressing that Spirit!

*Runs off to take today’s Pixie Pic!*

P.S. Don’t worry if you miss a day! You can either skip them all together, or post your pics and add the hashtag #catchingup. The whole point is to have fun. 🙂