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Give A DamnOriginally, this week’s C post was going to be about Creative Visualization….well, that one will be finished at a later, yet to be determined date, because this one smacked me upside the head and demanded to be written.

So, what prompted this sudden change? Quite frankly, it was the seemingly endless acts of douchebaggery committed by many who felt the need to leave venomous comments regarding the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. I was blown away by the number of “He was an addict, he deserved to die” comments that were posted.

Yes, he was an addict, but he was also a phenomenally talented man, who happens to be from my area, that has many friends and family members that cared for him a great deal. So the fact that some of these comments were from people that reside in the area made it even worse, as the possibility that said friends and especially family may be more likely to see them. It angered me, but more than that…it broke my heart, and made me wonder when did society lose its ability to show compassion??

Compassion is often on my mind. Perhaps because my Sun Sign is Cancer, or because my coven works with Kwan Yin, or maybe it’s because my parents were a bit like Larry and Abby – Dharma’s folks on Dharma & Greg-. Yup, Dad had a pony tail (until recently), Mom was super-liberal and (occasionally) a little too open about her sexuality….trust me, there were MANY tmi moments, lol.

Whatever the reason, I find that at least once a week I see things online that make me wish more people would find their way to be more compassionate and just plain Give a Damn about others…including, if not especially, those who believe or have done something that they can’t get on board with.

Compassion: a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for someone struck by misfortune, accompanied by a desire to alleviate the suffering; mercy

The atmosphere of this wonderous place called the internet is one that, unfortunately, seems to be a place where thoughtless and hurtful words flourish. Perhaps it’s the sense of anonymity we have because we are sitting in front of our computer, or on our phones, rather than face to face with those we’re speaking with. I find it hard to believe that those same people that left such hurtful comments online would be able to say the same if they were standing in a room opposite Mr. Hoffman’s girlfriend and children…and if they could? Well, I’d bet they were in dire need of some compassion themselves.

So why does it matter? Why try to temper your thoughts and words with mercy, even when faced with someone that annoys you or evokes strong emotions, whether you know them or not? Well, for one thing, listen to the wise words of your mother (or at least MOST people’s mother): “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”….or “Treat others the way you want to be treated”.

From a Wiccan/Witchcraft perspective those who follow the Rede should think about the whole “An it Harm None, Do What Ye Will” thing…which, is kiiiind of a real nice way of saying “Don’t be a Douche”, and I think that’s a pretty good rule, no matter what path you follow. 😉

Showing compassion to others, and ourselves for that matter, fosters an environment in which love KuanYinCardand understanding can thrive. With compassion, love, and understanding we are able to grow without fear of judgment…and if there is enough compassion, love, and understanding, we learn to ignore the judgments that do arise and become truly free.

So for crying out loud, Give A Damn! Try to leave the venom and cynicism behind. You can keep the sarcasm, I love it, I employ it often…it’s fun! Just remember to not use it with cruelty. Yes, that’s a tricky one right there, but it’s possible…I promise! 😉

If you get good at giving a damn, then try Giving Many Damns! Not only will others feel better because one less person is giving them shit for ‘this, that or whatever’, but YOU will feel pretty great too. Here’s a little secret: Spreading Awesome makes you MORE Awesome…and Compassion is PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME!

Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone. ~ Kuan Yin Card from The Goddess Guidance Oracle

Be willing to see that there are reasons for everyone’s behaviors. You may not agree with how they’ve handled the hand they’ve been dealt, but that does not mean that you cannot recognize that they are  indeed struggling. Your compassion could be what sparks them to reexamine their approach…it may not, but hey, once again, that is for them to figure out on their journey, not for you to preach and judge about…you may have some things of your own you should be focusing on instead.

Once you’ve gotten skilled at giving many damns, move on to giving More Damns than Anyone! Ok, so it’s not a competition, and you really shouldn’t try to make it one (the whole thing sort of loses its sincerity and purpose that way). What I’m saying is that if we all practice the ways of Compassion or Giving a Damn, they become second nature after a while…raising the level of Awesomeness of ourselves and our communities to new and greater heights. On a personal level, it connects us even more deeply to the Divinity that lies within us all. I believe that compassion is actually one of the things that sparks our connection with the Divine…so if you’re struggling in this arena, try giving a few extra damns and see what happens.

I’m not saying that if everyone who reads this begins to go through each and every day with a mindset that is based on being compassionate to everyone they encounter that the world will be a noticeably better place…but what can it hurt? Each action we take, every word we say has an effect on something or someone. It’s a ripple effect that continues on to things and people that we cannot foresee. It’s a reasonable assumption that if the pebble that you throw into the lake of Life is thrown with loads of venom and snark that the ripples the stone sends out would also contain remnants of that which put them into motion. Soooo, why not toss your pebble with kindness and compassion? Send out some good ripples and hopefully pay that kindness and compassion forward. It can’t hurt!



Witchy Comments & Graphics
  Faith is one of those words that tends to be associated with organized religions. Mainly because these tend to ask you to believe in something simply because they say so. The first definition for Faith in the World English Dictionary is: “strong or unshakeable belief in something, esp without proof or evidence”.  Well, I’ve never really been someone who believes something just because someone says it is so (go ahead, ask my Mom, lol), so this type of blind Faith never really appealed to me.

  I do, however consider myself to be a person of Faith. Some may think this doesn’t reconcile with being pagan, as we follow the changing of the Seasons and the cycles of Life/Death/Rebirth…which are things that there is much proof and evidence to support. So where does Faith come in? It comes in the form of other definitions of the word. 

  Heading back to our handy dandy World English Dictionary and going a bit further down their list of definitions we come across “any set of firmly held principles or beliefs” .  This fits nicely! Pagans do have firmly held principals. Ask any one of us and I’m sure they’d be happy to let you know what they are (Or just check out a facebook, twitter, or G+ feed…I’m sure there is evidence of these strongly held principles and beliefs all over them! It can’t just be me…can it??).

  My favorite definition though is “complete confidence or trust in a person, remedy, etc”  . Yes! Trust. Trust in the Goddess, in Ourselves, in the Universe…THAT is what Faith means to me. When we trust that listening to our inner dialogue…our intuition, will bring desired results, good things tend to happen. I trust that whatever has been placed before me on my Path has been placed there for a reason, either as a Blessing, or a Lesson.

  Trusting ourselves is the hardest thing for most of us. However, the realization that deity and divine energy reside within us makes it much easier. It’s something I have recently begun to have more of… Faith in myself, that is. This Faith is an extension of my Faith that the Divine within me will only direct me where I need to go. Things only tend to go wrong when I don’t trust my gut and, out of fear, choose to do what is easier or more within my comfort zone.

  Embrace your belief in the Divine spark within, and in doing so, live a life of Pagan Faith.


Bonds: The Ties That BindWhile pondering what my topic should be for this week’s Pagan Blog Project, one word kept creeping into my mind: Bonds. I wasn’t quite sure what my brain was driving at, so I just kept going about my week. I revisited the task a few days ago and there it was again: Bonds. OK, I guess I need to write about Bonds…but I had such a raging head cold the thoughts just weren’t able to form completely. Today, however, my head is a bit more clear, and the musings are coming through…with the help of some well chosen quotes. 😉

“Nothing is more exciting and bonding in relationships than creating together” ~ Stephen R. Covey

This quote seems very appropriate if one is discussing the importance of a Coven. One must already feel some kind of bond to join a Coven, but the energy created, magick worked and lessons learned while working together can forge Bonds between it’s members that are stronger than steel. Connecting through shared personal experiences is powerful…connecting through shared energy and communing with the Divine, is life affirming and changing at the same time.

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.” ~ Richard Bach

This quote truly speaks to me. My “true” family is made up of so many I have met over the course of my lifetime (and perhaps a lifetime or 2 that came before). There are some blood relatives included in this, but beyond them are people with whom I have shared some of the most spiritually meaningful experiences times of my life, as well as some of the most trying. From friends that I’ve met online  only to meet in person and find that we are truly cut from the same cloth, to long lost friends from school that turn up once more and turn out to be far more important to my life than I could ever have imagined they would be.

The Bonds we make throughout our lives are important, ALL of them. Even if something happens to remove someone from our lives (ended friendship, divorce, death, dissolved coven, etc…), we must honor the reasons we were bound together in the first place, because it is a part of our journey, and helped to create the people we are today.

We as humans are communal beings…we live to be connected…not always with other people, but with something. There are some who live without human companionship, but are truly fulfilled by their relationship with Nature & the Divine. As long as we have made a vital connection with something/someone, we are generally content. A life without a vital connections with Divine, Nature or Humanity can be a desolate existence and, in my opinion, quite unhealthy.

So, go forth my Pagan friends! Create, Cultivate and Nurture your Bonds with your friends, family, coven/community members, animals, the Earth and the Divine. It’s what we’re meant to do.

Big Blessings of Bonding Bliss,