February 2011
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Monthly Archives: February 2011

I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to decide where to begin…seems sort of unfair to just jump back in with some sort of informative or political post without some sort of explanation as to what the hell happened to me in the last year or so.

So, I decided that I’d share what I had been up to while the blog sat untouched…and why I don’t have any regrets, except that I never thought to include my shenanigans here in the first place.

The past year has been spent exploring and building relationships. Relationships with Family, Friends…and with Myself.

My nephew (Let’s call him “M”) is in the Navy and he and his wife (Let’s go with “A”) moved back home (well, home for him) when he was stationed here to be a recruiter. There were family functions and a little bit of hanging out, and things were just trucking along nicely. Then I got an email from “A” asking me with help interpreting a dream…and with LOTS of questions about what my spiritual beliefs are, etc. Kinda blew me away, in all my time with Sacred Mists an Online Wiccan College, I have helped people get acquainted with their Path, and given my opinion on things, blah blah blah, but this was the first time someone in my mundane life had ever approached me with genuine interest outside of sheer curiosity about my…oddness, lol.

Long story short (umm, sort of) A & I met for coffee, and it turns out we have a whole lot in common, and things I had to say, mainly about my experience with prophetic dreams really put her at ease…and she ended up joining SM as well. I spent more and more time with A, M, and our mutual friends.

Last summer brought displeasure with my work life…almost quit outright, resisted. Hubby made me happy with Daughtry tickets…there was a Birthday Trip to Niagara Falls with Hubby, A & M, and a Ringo Starr concert. And then, I lost my mind and started my own business. I am now Head Pixie on the Isle of Enchantments. I work my butt off daily, and while it’s still a teeny tiny fish in a big humongous pond, I am fulfilled by the work.

I also managed to take my annual trip to Orlando to meet up with very close friends from Sacred Mists. This trip has become affectionately known as: Witches Gone Wild…and boy do we!

And while I did not participate in the day-to-day of SM as often as I should…my Yule Partners in crime and I did make the Sacred Mists Annual Yule Gift Exchange come off with out too many hitches.

So, I’ve been busy…but I’ve been filling my time with friendship, love, & self-fulfillment. These were things I had been shoving to the back burner while I tended to my spiritual responsibilities…I was all one way…then went almost all the other. Now I’m working on getting things back towards the middle. Once again, that Balance lesson is smacking me in the face, screaming at me to learn it. All I can say, is that I’m trying…and will continue to. Perhaps Balance should have a little sit down with Patience?? Just Sayin… 😉

Nope, No Regrets…Just, Lessons. How could anyone possibly regret any of this?:

Yes, I am aware it has been quite a while since my last post.

Well, I didn’t know it had been THIS long, but I knew it had been a while. For this, I do apoligize to any of you who may be reading this…and if you’re not reading this, then I guess it dooesn’t matter! LOL

Anyway, I will be writing again…I’m currently working on something that I will (hopefully) be posting this week.

So The Pixie is Back, and the Mist-ery Tour will be continuing. I will clue you in on what I’ve been up to, as well as the madness I have recently immersed myself in.

For now, I am sleeeeeepy, and I’m gonna flitter off to bed *Yawn*.