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“Say the word and you’ll be free.
Say the word and be like me.
Say the word I’m thinking of.
Have you heard the word is love?”

To me, the lyrics of  the Beatles’ “The Word” is the first song of theirs that is about Love, that does not seem to be strictly about Romantic Love.

Why is this Magickal, you ask? Because Love is THE most magickal thing there is. As Lennon and McCartney put it: “It’s so fine, it’s sunshine. It’s the word love. Now that I know what I feel must be right, I’m here to show everybody the light”.

I think that sums up their overall body of work (minus the few superficial – yet superb – smash hits that put them on the musical map)…it was their way of spreading the light. And they invite and urge us to do the same:

“Spread the word and you’ll be free.
Spread the word and be like me.
Spread the word I’m thinking of.
Have you heard the word is love?”

So what are you waiting for? Spread The Word…Love

The Word is from The Beatles Rubber Soul Album (1965)


 As I sit in my parents’ livingroom, beneath the whirring ceiling fan, I sip my morning coffe and hope that my sore throat goes away. It’s miserable to be on vacation and have your body deside NOW is the time for you to get a cold, or feel somehow ‘under the weather’ (I never did understand that phrase….aren’t we all under/in the wearther?? I mean, you can’t really escape weather…but I digress).

Despite the scratchy throat, the occassional queasies and a bit of intermittent light-headedness, I am very Grateful to Be. Grateful to be on vacation and away from the stresses that working for a living brings. Grateful to have my handy dandy laptop at my disposal so I can still post the daily words for this round of Sabbat Bingo at Sacred Mists.Grateful to spend time with my parents and my brother. Grateful tosoon be visiting my Great-Aunt & Uncle as well as my cousin and his family. Grateful to be reminded of what matters in This Life.

Why the sudden gush of sentiments that makes one expect to hear Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” . Well, I guess it probably stems from something that happened a couple weeks ago. A dear friend of mine, who I have known since High School, lost his father after a long battle with illness. It hit me pretty hard. I was not close to his parents, but to see and feel the anguish and loss my friend was suffering was beyond difficult. Mike is the first one of us to have a parent pass away….and it made me sad to think that it is a fact of life that will begin to rear it’s grotesquely sad head again and again as my friends and I continue to get older.

So, today I am grateful. Grateful to still have my parents, foibles and all, and happy to be able to spend time with them….even if I am feeling less than stellar…’cause I know I’d be feeling a whole lot worse if they weren’t around.

Below is an  article from Le Figaro, that I translated into English via Google Translate. I pray that all that has happened, and continues to happen to these brave people is not in vain.

So Mote it Be… 


Iran: doctors denounced the terror in hospitals

Le Figaro – International

Delphine Minoui 07/o6/2009

De passage à Paris, they denounced the climate of terror that exists in hospitals which have been transported in recent weeks, injured anti-Ahmadinejad.


They have seen too much. For fear of reprisals, they kept silent. But crossing to France for a few days, they want to break the wall of fear. At any price. “In Tehran, we are the powerless witnesses of real crimes against humanity,” says one of two Iranian doctors, met this weekend in Paris, and who prefers to remain anonymous for security reasons. “Since the beginning of the anti-Ahmadinejad, he said, militiamen and security agents in civilian clothing have established a policy of terror in the hospitals. They are conducting a hunt without the injured against thank you. “” It all started on Saturday 13 June – the first day of protest against the election results. They began to ask for a list of allowed upon receipt of the hospitals that were located close to the events, “says the doctor. Objective barely veiled: “identify the protesters injured, and then take them to court, accusing them of disturbing public order,” he says.

Over 92 dead

According to several testimonies that circulate in the medical, Rasoul Akram Hospital, not far from Tehran University, would have received from the “Black Monday” (June 15), 38 corps, including 28 wounded and 10 dead . “We found that the bullets had passed through the torsos to the diagonal, which means they were fired from above – ie a roof,” says the second doctor.

According to an official review, at least 17 people have been killed since the beginning of the dispute. However, a first quietly made by the nursing staff from different hospitals showed that to date more than 92 people died in Tehran and its environs. A woman eight months pregnant is one of the victims. Shot and killed, near the presidential palace, it was then transported to the hospital. Other disturbing stories are beginning to emerge in broad daylight. As one of the six corpses of young men found last week in Shahriar, on the outskirts of the capital. “They all died from wounds in the neck. Their skulls had been smashed and their brains had been opened, presumably to retrieve the ball to clear the trace of the crime, “says the second doctor informed of this terrible massacre by a trusted colleague.

To cover this kind of attack, was asked doctors to certify that the persons whose bodies have been reported in their hospitals died due procedure. ” “In several hospitals – including Rasoul Akram and Imam Khomeini – we have organized sit-in protest. But state television, they said it was a strike for better wages. That’s terribly shocking, “is the second doctor. One of his friends, doctor on call for emergencies Erfan Hospital, has been “punished” for having stood up to the militia. “After missing for thirty-six hours, he was found half-conscious and disfigured on the sidewalk of the hospital,” he says.

Funerals under surveillance

Faced with the resistance of a part of the medical profession, the bodies of protesters were quickly taken away. “We think they were transferred to the military hospital Baqiatollah or in a place unknown to the general public,” says the doctor. Then, under the pretext of “organ donation”, the bodies were stripped of all traces of the ball. “Parents are forced to accept if they want to retrieve the body for burial,” he said.

The general cemetery Behecht-e Zahra, burials take place under surveillance. “On the gravestone, it is prohibited to indicate the reason of death,” says a witness contacted by telephone in Tehran.