Reflections on the Eight of Cups

Reflections on the Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups is a card that stands out as one where you clearly know where you have been and now you want something more…  There must be something out there better than what you’re willing to leave behind. It doesn’t mean that what you are leaving behind is trash or unwanted. Maybe you’ve just been satisfied for so long that you didn’t even realize you were stuck in a rut until you look around and realize you haven’t grown at all in years. Not moving forward can feel safe. It can feel stagnant. It can make you feel good because you know all there is to know about that one place where you have lived for so long that you can see the patterns emerging on the floor boards from where you have walked. But… it isn’t moving… it isn’t growing… and it certainly isn’t learning.

Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake art by Elisabeth Alba. Eight of Cups

When looking at this card, you can see that her “cups” the thing or things in her past that she is leaving behind are all neatly stacked, some of them even filled with enticing aroma still. This is how you know that she stayed with them for a long time. Long enough to know them well. It’s like a job that you’ve had for years. The parameters of the job haven’t changed the whole time you were there, but now instead of learning new things, you know the job so well that you’re inventing new ways to attempt to demonstrate how well you know it. “Look at what I have accomplished!” But, now the aroma is no longer attractive to you. You really could say you have gotten to the place where you don’t care if the cups stay up in their display or not.

Moving on shouldn’t be something that is done with regret. She isn’t looking back at what she is leaving. This isn’t because she hated her circumstances, she cared deeply about what she is leaving behind. However, She has resolutely packed what she needs and is setting off for the unknown. She is stepping out on a new path, that may be rocky at times, but she knows there is something out there that will call to her.

Sometimes we know what this other path is going to hold, sometimes we don’t. Not knowing shouldn’t keep you from trying something new. You’ve been successful in the past so you have just as much potential for being successful in the future too. Packing the things you will need indicates that you are prepared for this new path. You know enough to know what you can’t leave behind.

This card holds a special place in my heart right now. I have been working in the same position for 12 years and have found myself with the option of choosing a different path, one that I haven’t considered for quite some time. Quite frankly, I never thought this position was going to open up with enough hours to make it worth my while to move into. So I never thought about it. If asked I would say yeah I would be interested but I can’t survive on part time pay. That changed, and now the position is full time.

Since I found out about it, I have been taking classes to learn about the things this job does. I am looking forward to trying something completely new. This is the process of packing my things so I am ready for the new journey. I have also prepared my old job, to be taken on by someone else by organizing the how to do it. Taking the care so that this job isn’t a mess to walk into. That would be considered the “stacking of the cups.” I found that once I had “stacked the cups” I wasn’t as nervous about passing my job onto someone else. Yes, I guess I am weird in that I was worried about who was going to do as good a job as I could. I tend to forget that it took me 12 years to get that competence level built up. Now, I am in a place where I can resolutely shoulder my needed things and begin to head down that new path. The only thing standing in my way?… why waiting for the job interview and hiring process to actually complete!

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