These poems are taken from a self published title called Eclectic Verses by Margaret Zee which was put together in 2000. Some of them really spoke to me so I share them here giving her full credit for their brilliance.


I awake from the confines of dreams,


but not for intoxicants.

Too often, after spangled nights,

I have vomited fantastic bliss.

But at dawn the air is quiet, dim,

and fragrant. There are still

undiscovered springs somewhere, and sometimes

gratuitous fruits.

We never know reality.



If there are no gods, then

why does Semele burn,

Cassandra rave,

and Io wander, wasted?

Why do queens kneel

to kiss the conqueror’s heel

and bruise their brests

for dead Adonis?

Why does Dido feed her flesh to fire,

why Cleopatra take the asp to heart,

and Mary suffer crucifixion daily

for Christ’s sake?

It’s not that men are more

like gods than we are,

but women’s wisdom knows

that to live is to worship.



First griefs outrage us:

Anomalies– mistakes, faults, disease.

Taken unawares, we wait

impatiently to be cured.

Clear the computer!

We work to erase pain, ashamed

as if we had done a sum wrong

on the blackboard at school.

But grief does not erase

like chalk on slate,

does not evaporate like childish tears.

Pain will not be deposed for long.

It grows in us. It is growth.

It’s reign is legitimate,

reconfirmed again and again.

We wear mourning,

not as a costume, in or out of fashion,

but as the bones our flesh is hung on.



I’ll never lose as much again

until that final loss

that loses even pain.


the world will always shine again

with new beauty,

greater brilliance after rain.


Familiar loves revive old wonder:

sooth of summer sky,

challenge of thunder,

balm of rain at night,

fragrant morning.

Myriad harmonies of light

from dawn until reluctant dark

repopulate the universe

out of the eternal ark.


And there should be serenity now I know

the greatest gain

and greatest loss

my life can show.

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