My Search for the perfect statue of Bastet

My Search for the perfect statue of Bastet

I found this photo some years ago. I had just welcomed Bastet as one of my primary Goddesses. I have more than one Goddess because there are many aspects of the Goddess and each one is different. So, I was searching for images of Bastet.

I found hundreds of images. Most of them were the classic pose. You know the one, She is sitting bolt upright gazing straight at you, almost daring you to tell her she isn’t the queen she knows she is. There isn’t anything wrong with any of these images, I was just looking for something different, and this image with the tilted head was it. I have only found a few pictures of it, most of them with this cat or another one posing next to it. It is so rare that when I first ran across it, I had no luck in finding any information about it. I still use this image as an Avatar on the Sacred Mists site. I could never find an online copy that had a high enough resolution to even create a photo I could frame, and I fell in love with this image. I can remember several times I told someone, “if you EVER see this statue anywhere. You must tell me about it!” Months passed, and then years… I didn’t really have a place to put a statue at the time. I lived in what could almost be called a tiny house, it had 400 square feet, but it wasn’t designed to be one. It was a 40 foot park trailer, too big to actually travel with. and too small for a mobile home park.

Bastet plaster casting from the Plaster King

Three years ago, I bought my first house, my current house. There are lovely plant shelves and display cut outs above them. I thought to myself, wow… Now there is a place that statue would have fit perfectly! Up there she could have a great view of the whole living area and look down with that perfect tilt of the head… I realized it had been awhile since I had last looked for the image online, so I decided to try again. I couldn’t believe it when I found a statue just like it. Okay, so there are some differences. This one is a bronze casing, you can tell from the color but also the way the tail is suspended and not tight against the body. You can just barely make out that the eye sockets are empty but could have once held some type of gemstone.

You can see where my statue has the tail tight against its body. It is a plaster casting and painted to look similar to the original. I had found this statue a place called Plaster King. I had to order it immediately. She stands almost two feet high. I couldn’t be happier. She does weigh a ton, and I had to ask my dad to climb up onto the shelf to get her settled on her spot. I would love to have a bronze casting of this someday… but I know it would be hundreds of dollars instead of just under one hundred. I know it isn’t within my budget.

I am still rather blown away that I found her only 3 months after buying a house that would actually have a spot that would look like it had been built for her. So why am I so happy to have a statue of Bastet in my home? She is my protector. Bastet is a Goddess who fiercely protects her people. Yes of course cats are sacred to her, and it is no wonder that my house is full of cats. (three of mine and two of my roommates.) She is my mother Goddess. I know she was prominent in fertility festivals and it is unlikely that I could get children now in my crone’s body… but to me she embodies the spirit of the Mother. She is the warm place to hide. She is the protective gaze that doesn’t miss a thing. She is the first Goddess that spoke to me, calling me her own.

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