Let’s begin with Amazement

Let’s begin with Amazement

14067629_10210144703154733_3094507271951191347_nAugust 26th 2016 was an amazing day. I invited my parents and one of my friends to join me in casting a protection spell over a small piece of land along the Rogue River National Forest. That’s right, I said spell. I am a witch and my religion of choice is Wicca. I have been on this path for seven years now, though I believe I was born a witch. I was blind to my path for a time.

So this past weekend I set out to make changes. I wrote a ritual and spell asking the Nature Spirits and Fae to join us in protecting and nurturing this area of the Rogue River. I chose this area because I have always been drawn to it. Three years ago, nearly to the day, I chose to scatter my husband’s ashes here. This is a place where we visit at least once a year on our way to Crater Lake. There is something about the quiet peace in a forest that draws out my senses and puts me in a better frame of mind. I had been set the task of working with Nature Spirits, and I could think of several areas that I love, but this place at this time of year spoke to me.

We found a quiet clearing to do the simple ritual and pull in energy for the protection spell. We used musical instruments to gather the energy, and the Nature Spirits and Fae seemed very willing to come lend a hand. I planned to call them to us, put the energy raised into some tiny hematite and moonstone beads and then scatter them along the trail to distribute the energy around. We started off on the path, and immediately we could all feel the energy crackling around us, and we could actually smell an ionized smell of heat which was very different from the campfire smell we had sensed while looking for the clearing.

The area around the natural bridge shows us large volcanic lava tubes which are partially collapsed. The river actually disappears completely into one of these tubes and re-appears further down the way. When I was a kid, there were no paths or safety fences in place, and I can remember actually standing on the bridge. I can still remember the vibration of the water as it moved through tubes. My mother drilled into us that we could not get too close to the edges… my brother’s recklessness really scared her! She would tell us stories of kids that had fallen in and were never seen of again.

Now the area has paved pathways a foot bridge and several viewpoints to see the different lava tubes at the best. I do really like being able to see from the other bank, there are much more interesting features to look at from there. However, this natural wonder has literally hundreds of visitors a day that come through looking things over. I wanted to cast something that would help protect the area from these people. Not to say that all tourists are thoughtless, but some of them can be. I want to continue to visit my husband here.

It is only two miles from here to the Rogue River Gorge and I wanted to walk there because I had never attempted it before. Someone was always in too big of a hurry to get to Crater Lake so we could make it all the way around the rim… Okay many times that someone was me, but this time… Crater Lake was not the main reason for the visit. My map told me that the walk was easy and appropriate for kids. It said that a mile up the trail head there would be a foot bridge to take you across the river to where you could easily continue to the gorge. We never saw the fork in the road to get to that foot bridge. I have serious doubts that it is even still there.

We passed some ancient trees that we all paused to talk to. A chance to feel the swaying of the air and feel the deep rooted contentment. Mom and Dad turned back to head to the car after about a mile. This was when my friend and I started noticing the slight rise in elevation. Before we knew what was going on, we were halfway up a fairly steep mountain path! I counted my blessings that I had thought to bring a walking stick… I don’t know as I would have had much luck climbing back down without it!

We laughed about that slight miscalculation a lot. We talked about lost loved ones. We talked about our belief systems. We wondered why it was taking us so long to climb down off this hill! Once we rejoined my parents, we drove to the gorge instead and finished up the spell there. The picture is of a stump at the gorge that is still living. It gets its nourishment from the roots of the tree next to it. You can see the bark growing across the top where it was cut. If you look very closely, you can see one of my moonstone rocks inside a crack in the top.

All in all it was an incredible day.

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