Wynter Wonders

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ― Albert Einstein

   Sep 28

The Joy of Self Discovery

Not too long ago, actually it was my birthday, I was down in Roswell with my good friend Chandra. We went for lunch to one of our favorite little sandwich shops and then we went down the street to a Chiropractor’s office….. Well, the chiro happens to sell crystals and tarot cards, and oracle decks, and candles and all kinds of things. If you’re ever down in Roswell be sure to check out The Sacred Mother. Anyway, I got this book called The Joy of Self Discovery Through Writing, by Linda Leigh Lowe. In the book she talks about different things to write about, all of which will, over time and with consistency, help you unlock insights about yourself. The things to write about are varied, from meditations to affirmations to thoughts…. I could add to what she put in the book, but what I love is she shares what appear to be pages from her own journals where she has done some of these things.

Today, I got to thinking and said “what if I just write” just a little bit every day, about whatever, with or without a purpose, and see what happens. I mean really, what is the worst that could happen? I think today I’m going to share some things that I am thankful for, because there needs to be more positivity put out there!

So in now particular order, I am thankful for:

♥ Being able to witness my mother finally happy, for the first time in my life

♥ Having a job that allows me to connect with people and care for them, and puts my empathy to fruitful use

♥ The way my Lil’ Bit can be so spontaneous and funny

♥ The laughter of my daughters

♥ The freedom to explore my path and gain new knowledge

♥ The man I share my life with, imperfections and all

♥ My car, haven’t always had a car, and it’s amazing that I do these days

♥ The people in my life who challenge me to be a better person

♥ My growing connection to those around me and the discovery of my own place in the All That Is

♥ Bookclub Chat

♥ Time spent in quiet (it doesn’t happen often)

♥ The Sacred Mists, the people, the ritual, the learning opportunities, the challenges, the differences of those who attend, all of it….

♥ That I found the place within myself that believes in and can harness Magick


Well, that’s a start and has me in a great mood!

So, what are you thankful for?




   Sep 27

A life of wonder

There is magick all around us, in everything we encounter. So often, we are too busy to notice, too busy trying to reach the destination that we are blind to the wonder in the moment…. the wonder that can be found by slowing down. Children have an advantage, as they experience the world, in that everything is new- they see things with fresh eyes….. eyes full of wonder. I purpose to see the world as if I am a child. In a way I am.

I’m a witch…. but I wasn’t always so. I love to learn- this has always been true. There is so much to learn, so much to experience… and I’m so often with my nose in a book, obtaining knowledge, that I don’t always go out and DO…. the practical application part of the learning is where I need to grow, where I need to leap.

Faith, is important to me- prayer is a cornerstone of my practice. Talking to the Goddess, leaning on the God…. asking for their guidance and fresh eyes and a loving heart.

What would be said of me if I died tonight? If I don’t wake up in the morning, how would I be remembered? It depends on who you ask.

I am the woman who started her life over and found herself when she was 28 and shocked people as she did, the woman who came out completely transformed and embraces the fire that continues to transform her……

I am the woman who loves her children fiercely, and who is so proud of them she could bust……

I am the woman who is allergic to the post office and almost never mails packages and always has those packages lost when she does mail them……

I am the woman who defends her mother, endlessly, and refuses to see the fault because I love my mother and hope I am a good daughter……

I am the woman who left the church feeling abandoned and broken….. and found that within myself are all the tools needed to heal and repair my heart and soul…..

I believe in magick and that owls bring me messages, I hear the call to learn the Mysteries and dedicate myself to the service of the Goddess…..

And maybe, if I keep going, I will be the woman who never stopped seeing the wonder in the world around me, and never stopped being amazed at the complexity of nature, the balance of the light and the dark, and found power in the embracing of my whole self.

Here and now I let you in, to join me as I journey, as I share the truth of the matter, good and bad- learn with me, grow with me- share with me…….

Come with me and join in the Wonder of it all……


In light and love,