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   Jun 26

Book of Shadows

Have you ever watched Charmed? I have, so many times from start to finish- thanks Netflix!

A focal point of the show is the Charmed one’s Book of Shadows- filled with information about Demons and how to vanquish them, magickal spells for everything from Karma to Luck to Glamour, potions for all occasions. It’s a beautiful book a piece of their story and in the final episode, as the show ends, Piper talks about how they added to the Book themselves telling their story and passing on their wisdom. Of course, it is these final statements on the Book that I relate to the most- I mean, as far as I know I none of us will need to vanquish Balthazar anytime soon.

As I have been watching the show again lately though, I can’t help but think of my own Book of Shadows and what is, and isn’t in there. What do I want in there? Is there room for Demons in my Book of Shadows? Yep, lots of room. Maybe not Demons that show up in a ball of fire and Shimmer to get away when I turn my back- but we all have our Demons to deal with don’t we? Self-Doubt, low self-esteem, the ways we don’t respect ourselves? How we overcome impatience, frustration, anger… Demons we contend with every day.

I have quite a bit in my Book Of Shadows- a dedication, a Charge of the Goddess and Charge of the God I wrote myself, the 13 Goals of the Witch, information on the Sabbats, a Correspondence chart for the Moons each month, my First Degree Course Work for The Sacred Mists, my notes on Avalon Within, Ladies of the Lake, Spiraing the Circle of Stones, meditations I have written, Rituals I have written, Apothecary items I have made and used, the Cleansing Ritual I use for my home, spells I have written, information on Gems and Herbs, information on my Totem Animals… even some journal entries are in there.

There isn’t much in there about Shadow Work, I’ve always kept that in separate journals, but I have been thinking that needs to change- our Book of Shadows is supposed to be the story of our Journey- so isn’t it important to make sure it reflects the WHOLE journey- not just the Light parts?

Just thinking out loud over here,


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  1. BrigitAine says:

    I think it is important to have it as a whole, however, I am not one to talk as I don’t actually keep one up like I should.

    I miss you over at SM…track me down here or on FB…I am waiting to get my own blog here.

    Love you sister.

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