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   Oct 29

Totem Animal: Spider

Lilyth and I are keeping each other accountable for daily blogging. Check out her Witches Diary and even contact her to request making your own.

Today we are starting to talk about Totem animals, and the first I’m going to discuss is Spider.


I was working on one of my lessons for the First Degree at Sacred Mists when I did an exercise to determine what my Totem animals are, and during the course of the exercise three animals showed themselves to me. The only one I was expecting was Owl (more on that another day), and the other two were a surprise to me, Beaver (which I’d never considered) and Spider (which sacred me).

Ted Andrews says in Animal Speak that animal we are most afraid of are often a Totem animal- and this makes a lot of sense in respect to Spider being a Totem of mine. In the last couple of months Spider has appeared a lot to me! The picture above was taken at my step-son’s school before a concert. I nearly walked right into it! But this was well after my lesson on my totems, and I wasn’t afraid, but rather wanted to capture the encounter instead.

We also had a beautiful Garden Spider spend her last days in our front doorway, off to the corner, not keeping us from entering or exiting.

We left her alone, let her lay her eggs and live out her life cycle it was sad the day we went and she was gone.

So what have I learned about what Spider hopes to teach those she chooses?

The Spider is associated with the Shadow self and being the ultimate weaver of your own fate. The spider is also associated with feminine energy, creativity and patience.  What I take away, at present, from Spider appearing to me is the importance of integrating all parts of me into the whole of me. I have a tendency to compartmentalize things and separate them to deal with them one at a time, but Spider says the web of life is intricate and wholly beautiful, all of it makes up who we are and trying to keep it from connecting and forming the whole is in the end detrimental to the Self. The goal is to integrate and become fully ME, and accept what that looks like. Accept the shadow and the light, the beauty and the beast within…. All is of value.

Knowing this, there is less fear, knowing this, I ask what I need to work on when Spider crosses my path, and mainly I ask how am I being authentic? How am I being true to who I am, who the Goddess has meant for me to be?

It’s a work in progress, and a work done without fear….. the weaving….. shaping your own destiny…. more than facing, but fully embracing all of myself. It is a beautiful thing.

In love and light,


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