Lies and Heartbreak

What are the lies we tell? The lies we tell ourselves and the lies we tell to other people? Are all lies malicious?

We all have private lives that we don’t present to others, the sides of our existence that we keep to ourselves… Is that secrecy lying?

When we accept less than what we know we deserve … is that lying?

When someone asks you a question that makes you over the moon excited and then attaches all these strings and it turns out the question was pointless because the event it would have lead to is never going to  happen because the right conditions for it are not being met.

The truth… I am heart broken.

The lie… I don’t mention it to him and I act like it’s okay….

The truth… I am heart broken.

The truth,.. I never thought he’d break my heart, I didn’t know I could ache this much.


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