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   Feb 01

Imbolc and Avalon

Imbolc…. the promise of Spring and the signs of it’s impending return are upon us… the first little flowers are poking out to say hello amid the cold brush of the early morning air…. it is a time of excitement and wonder as our long wynter introspection comes to a close…. nearly.

What have we learned in this long night and time alone? What lessons have been gleaned from the time with the Shadow on the long dark nights?

I can’t speak for anyone else but I have spent time this wynter at peace and finding harmony. I’ve lost a sister- not to death but to her own stubbornness. It turns out that by being close to my oldest sister, my 2nd oldest sister has decided that I am too high risk to associate with. Not even so much as a “fuck off” just blocked me on Facebook and stopped responding to my phone calls and texts, and also blocked my children. Okay, well when you decide to be a grown up again, I am here- you are my sister, just as the oldest is. I am sorry that the two of you have had serious differences, but it was never my fight. She doesn’t color my opinion of you- she never will- your actions toward me however- they do. And right now you come across as unreasonable at the very best and paranoid/crazy at the worst. And what on earth would possess you to cut off your nieces?? My children are amazing and you walked away? Again, you are coming off as crazy. This wynter I have come to grips with this- I can’t control anyone else, and that is okay, all I can do is work on myself and my reactions to the situations I face, and handle with care.

I am a daughter of the Goddess, the Great Mother, and I have spent not nearly enough time doing Imramma- I have bought from Amazon the mp3 tracks of Jhenah Telyndru, and they have been enormously helpful- I just need to be more faithful in using them.

I have been inducted as a Sister of The Daughters of the Sacred Grail– a powerful personal ceremony was completed in November after a nine month course of study. If you have any interest at all in persuing Avalon- I can’t recommend the group enough.

This time of darkness has more than any other time before it brought my closer to The Mother, my Sisters and my Highest Good. I haven’t battled the depression and defeated feeling that I have in the past, I haven’t felt the need to flee.

I have decided to start offering Tarot readings to those who seek, for now it will be offering based, as in payment is neither required nor expected, but if people feel so moved to do so after the reading, then an offering of thanks will not be rejected. I’d like to find a way to add that to this blog- a request type thing, but I’m unsure if that is possible, will have to see πŸ™‚

Anyway, I just wanted to put something down and out there and say hello.

In love and light,


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