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“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ― Albert Einstein

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   Oct 31

Sidetracking and more on Spider

We had the SM Samhain Ritual yesterday, written by the dearest Lilyth. Between Ritual and Readings there wasn’t time to do a Blog post. SO i hereby instate that on the days that SM has Sabbat Rituals I invoke the right not to post. As the wheel begins the turning of a new year I […]

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   Oct 29

Totem Animal: Spider

Lilyth and I are keeping each other accountable for daily blogging. Check out her Witches Diary and even contact her to request making your own. Today we are starting to talk about Totem animals, and the first I’m going to discuss is Spider. I was working on one of my lessons for the First Degree at Sacred […]

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   Oct 28

A Matter of Spirit

I have written and deleted this post several times today, Spirit is something that is difficult to discuss and quantify. Which is is bizarre for me because Spirit is so easy to experience….. but then it’s also the easiest to let go of when things aren’t going right. We say our Spirit is Broken, we […]

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   Oct 27

Being Grounded

Another day, another post. If you haven’t realized by now, Lilyth and I are talking about The Elements. We have been cleansed with Water, Felt the Wind, and Discussed not playing with Fire…. just two elements left and today we’re going to explore Earth. Ok, not really explore, but I am going to put down […]

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   Oct 26

To play with Fire

Let me preface this by saying none of the Elements are to be “played” with. I am out of the house, sitting in Barnes and Noble and keeping myself accountable to Lilyth. A link to her blog can be seen in my sidebar, definitely worth the trip to see her. You have heard, I am […]

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   Oct 25

I can see the wind

I was a Christian for a long time and music has always been a part of my path… I love music and good lyrics move me. There was a band I listened to in High School and I even went on a youth retreat where they spent the weekend with us… I will forever remember […]

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   Oct 24

Waters Run Deep

It is time for Ritual, or some other activity that requires the Calling of the Quarters, the creation of a Circle, Sacred Space separate from the World of Men on the edge of the Realms of the Mighty. Starting in the East the Quarters are called, the Mighty Watchtowers are summoned and humbly asked to […]

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   Oct 23

Daily Post with Lilyth

In talking with my dear friend Lilyth we decided it would be a good idea if we nudged each other and held each other accountable for a daily blog post. Today we are both doing an affirmation and a card pull. Affirmations are incredibly powerful, you own a positive statement thus making it a part […]

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   Oct 10

Wynter Wonders about Weight

When I was in High School I was in the Marching Band, I didn’t have a car and walked everywhere I went, everywhere! I had a couple of really great friends, but one of them was Ashli and we used to call each other up and when we wanted to get together we’d start walking […]

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   Oct 01

The Goddess and the Weaver

I came across this song over on YouTube- there are some amazing Wiccan Playlists available on YouTube- so if you are interested in finding music to listen to while meditating, or when doing magickal work, or writing in your BOS, or just to have music that connects you to the Goddess, then check it out, […]

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