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The Goddess and the Weaver

I came across this song over on YouTube- there are some amazing Wiccan Playlists available on YouTube- so if you are interested in finding music to listen to while meditating, or when doing magickal work, or writing in your BOS, or just to have music that connects you to the Goddess, then check it out, there are several.

This song really struck me tonight, we’ve had a Garden Spider living in our front doorway for the last several weeks, and I know she is harmless, and she makes a beautiful web, and we have left her alone. But as is her life cycle she is dying, her web has gotten lower and lower to the ground and she isn’t nearly as active as she was, and her web really looks abysmal. My partner pointed it out to me today and it made me sad. Spider is one of my totem animals, and I’ll have to talk sometime about what I have learned and continue to learn from Spider, but this song kind of ties into that, or at least brought her to mind.  I was able to find the lyrics, and I’d like to document them here.

Music is very important to me, I listen to different music based on my moods and music has the strong power of changing my moods…. my taste in music is very eclectic, ranging from Ace of Base to Tim McGraw to Nickleback to Megan Trainor to Avril Lavigne to NatureScapes to Tchaikovsky…. but here is where I am in this moment.

The Goddess and the Weaver By Adrienne Piggott

Chorus: Arachnia weaves and she weaves so well
She weaves a passage where the Gods will fly
Athena laughs as she casts her spell
While she watches from her loom on high

Athena, Athena
Goddess-born lady, you’re a jealous one
And Arachnia knows that you were watching her
Waiting for her work to be undone
Athena, have you set the quest
Will you take the weave and will you break the weft
Or will you let this lady spin her tapestry
Of a tale untold and then set her free?

Arachni, Arachnia
The Goddess Athena’s got a quest for you
And you must weave a story of the Gods that rule
In all their mystery and you must tell it true
So Arachnia’s woven the seven moons
She’s spun the silver thread upon an applewood loom
And she’s told the story of the Gods that rule
In all their mystery and yeah she’s told it true

Athena, Athena
Goddess-born lady, you’re an angry one
And as you spin your spell around Arachnia
To shift her shape into a weaving one
And as Arachnia sits and weaves upon her web
She casts her mind back and she remembers when
She told the story of the Gods that rule
In all their mystery and she told it true
So Athena came to earth disguised as a crone
To gaze upon the tapestry this mortal women’s sewn
And in and out the fabric that stretched across the loom
The sins and the secrets of the Gods were shown

The song can be heard here:


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