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Daily Post with Lilyth

In talking with my dear friend Lilyth we decided it would be a good idea if we nudged each other and held each other accountable for a daily blog post. Today we are both doing an affirmation and a card pull. Affirmations are incredibly powerful, you own a positive statement thus making it a part of your reality, part of the world as you create it for yourself. This helps with your health, both physical and mental, your attitude and your perspective.

Affirmation: I am a strong, confident, and beautiful shining light for the Goddess who blesses me each day.

For my card pull I am using my Arthurian Tarot deck by Caitlin and John Matthews. This deck is new to me and I purchased it to use with a study of the book Ladies of the Lake that I am doing with my friends The Daughters of the Sacred Grail. I have not really worked with the deck and would like to get to know it and connect with its energies.

The card I have pulled is Grail Nine.

Here under a tree in what must be winter as the tree is bare a cauldron steams over hot coals. The Cauldron hangs from 3 chains that come together at a cross bar, think of a spit you’d roast a pig on. The cauldron is adorned with a woman and two boars and the coals glow red hot beneath it, the fire glows and the night sky is above.

Under the night sky on a cold winters night the Cauldron is full and offers the seeker their greatest desire, this card asks “What is the desire of your heart?” for no one comes to the cauldron and leaves unsatisfied.

I desire a balanced connection to the Goddess that can be seen by those who look upon me. That it be evidenced in my health and countenance, that my heart be a heart that gives freely without condition and that I be able to guide those who need help and encourage those who need encouragement and that I be a true and reliable friend and a steadfast seeker of knowledge and truth and apply that knowledge to wisdom.

Today I come to the cauldron seeking the love for myself that is needed to be a Priestess that the Goddess can gladly call her own and open her arms to when the Mists part and I have found Avalon and reached the shores of Home.

Many Blessings to you,


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