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Wynter Wonders about Weight

When I was in High School I was in the Marching Band, I didn’t have a car and walked everywhere I went, everywhere! I had a couple of really great friends, but one of them was Ashli and we used to call each other up and when we wanted to get together we’d start walking toward each other’s houses and then go from there together where ever it was we were headed. I thought I was fat, like many young girls, I truly did. I was 5’5″ tall and 150 lbs and truly believed I was fat. Most of my friends were tiny, like size 2, 4, 6 tiny, and I was a size 10/12. Depending on if it was Marching Season or not, practices were long and hot and like I said, I walked everywhere.

Now, it is a few years later, more than a decade, go Class of ’99!! 1 horrible marriage, 3 amazing children, and an actual loving and committed relationship later, I am still 5’5″ but now in a 255 lb package. I have to officially weigh in, as I flux between 252 and 258, I’ve only seen the other side of 250 once in the last 8 years, and it was briefly in 2013. At my biggest I was 280 lbs, but that was scary close to 300 and I freaked out, maybe not freaked out, but kind of freaked out, as I don’t want to hit 300 lbs. But my divorce was really hard on me, was my choice to leave, but wasn’t a safe situation and I left. But I had spent the last 3 years of my marriage horribly depressed and the months following the separation horribly depressed and deluded.

I have tried several times to lose weight, hey I successfully made it from 280 lbs down to 255 lbs, and I have pretty much maintained at 255 lbs for a long time. But now I’m tired of being fat and I’m tired of being tired and sick so much of the time. Headaches, hypertension, colds, muscle aches, back pain, digestive problems (from bad eating), and a general overall feeling on a regular basis of being sick, a lot.

I was talking to my work partner tonight and I have this great pedometer app on my phone and used it to find out that one lap from the Med Tech office around the long hall back to the Med Tech office is 0.1 miles. With so much down time over night we thought we could walk at work and help to encourage each other to be more healthy. So I walked tonight, 1 full mile. And there are benefits to doing it here too, in the Winter it is heated in the Summer it is air conditioned, it’s inside so walking outside in the dark and the weather won’t be an issue. And we’re here with so much down time between rounds and laundry that it is completely doable.

The Virgo in me is screaming to make a plan, a way to be accountable, ideas to stay motivated. How to build up distance and the possibility of bringing hand weights. But for today, I walked a mile while at work, and it felt really good, and I purpose to continue this.


Blessed Be,



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