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“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ― Albert Einstein

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   Oct 03

Samhain and the Spiral

A new spiral is beginning… can you feel it? The call of the Shadow… the call of the Darkness?? Can you feel the tug within yourself, the call to go within? I can feel it. I feel the beinning of a new Spiral, I feel the strengthening of my connection to Her, the balance within […]

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   Feb 03

Lies and Heartbreak

What are the lies we tell? The lies we tell ourselves and the lies we tell to other people? Are all lies malicious? We all have private lives that we don’t present to others, the sides of our existence that we keep to ourselves… Is that secrecy lying? When we accept less than what we […]

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   Feb 01

Imbolc and Avalon

Imbolc…. the promise of Spring and the signs of it’s impending return are upon us… the first little flowers are poking out to say hello amid the cold brush of the early morning air…. it is a time of excitement and wonder as our long wynter introspection comes to a close…. nearly. What have we […]

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   Oct 09

Stop and Go

I recently had to write an essay about my Spiritual Journey thus far, and it was harder than I thought. For one, I had to write a similar essay when entering the program and I didn’t want to just regurgitate the original essay, but so much of the same stuff is true, well really all […]

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   Jun 26

Book of Shadows

Have you ever watched Charmed? I have, so many times from start to finish- thanks Netflix! A focal point of the show is the Charmed one’s Book of Shadows- filled with information about Demons and how to vanquish them, magickal spells for everything from Karma to Luck to Glamour, potions for all occasions. It’s a […]

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   Nov 21

Pain colored glasses

We hear it said that time heals all wounds…. I am not sure I believe this to be true. I believe that there are tragedies in our lives that we never “get over” we simply learn to live and reside within a new normal. I believe there are pains so great that our soul carries […]

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   Nov 08

Fear, worry, doubt

I saw something on Facebook, one of the myriad of memes available and it said: “Fear doesn’t keep you from dying, it keeps you from living” Which got me thinking about the ways I freeze in my life. Moments of doubt, times of worry, living in fear. We can’t know everything that is going to […]

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   Nov 05

Not so distant Shadow

A great deal of time is spent talking about doing Shadow work. Looling into yourself and facing the darkness. For many, at least for me, my first delvings into the Shadow caused me to look a great deal into my past. Into my childhood. A lot of time was spent dwelling on things beyond my […]

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   Oct 31

Sidetracking and more on Spider

We had the SM Samhain Ritual yesterday, written by the dearest Lilyth. Between Ritual and Readings there wasn’t time to do a Blog post. SO i hereby instate that on the days that SM has Sabbat Rituals I invoke the right not to post. As the wheel begins the turning of a new year I […]

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   Sep 27

A life of wonder

There is magick all around us, in everything we encounter. So often, we are too busy to notice, too busy trying to reach the destination that we are blind to the wonder in the moment…. the wonder that can be found by slowing down. Children have an advantage, as they experience the world, in that […]

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