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Kitchen Witchery? What is it to me?

Monday, November 10th, 2014

c513I was asked recently what “Kitchen Witchery” was. This is just my take on it. Not being strictly what I would call a kitchen witch this is just my opinion. I don’t particularly like labels.

To me the practice “kitchen witchery” is about bringing the magickal into the mundane practices of the kitchen. It is about make an atmosphere in my kitchen that brings in magical energy and acknowledges that nothing is truly mundane if we see it for what it really is. Most activities in the kitchen are creative endeavors and that puts our own personal energy into our cooking, cleaning and anything else we might do there. When we acknowledge an utilize our understanding of herbs, colours, ingredients and add our own personal energy and intent we create food and drinks and an atmosphere that can heal, cleanse, encourage, support, and draw in good things.

I think that kitchen witchery also means finding balance. Many often only use their magical energy to deal with the big things in life. I think that it is important that we use that same energy to make our homes a sacred place. Like I have said probably a million times to different people, I believe that sacred space is not just in our circle but it is also with in us. So that said I think that we can bring that sacredness into our kitchen and homes as well.

I am not a Kitchen witch. I am more of a Hedge Witch or Cottage Witch but I believe that there are many similarities and crossovers. I think the important thing is awareness that everything that I do can be magical when I put my intent and use the knowledge and tools of my craft to make it so.

Ways that I can bring my craft more into my kitchen include mostly being aware of the purposes and energies of the things that I do and use in the kitchen. The use of herbs means very little to most people other than to add flavour to their food but since I know many of energies and correspondences of the individual herbs I use I can utilize their strengths for healing, encouragement, prosperity and so much more. Creating an altar or a shrine to honour not only the deities of my home but the energy of the kitchen itself strengthens not only my cooking but anything else I do in that room.  Inviting the presence of deity and honouring them brings in their energies and blessings as well.

Other things that can be used in the kitchen is water, stones, plants, herbs candles – basically anything can be used as long as I  am mindful of the intent and energies that I am working with. Chants, prayers, and even meditations are ways I can bring my craft and more magical energy into my kitchen.