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Learning from the Cicada

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Cicadas have been a totem for me long before I even knew what a totem was. People have often told me that Cicadas cannot be totem animals – well granted they are not really considered animals but insects. However I know what I have learned about and from them and believe that the Cicada is probably one of my life totems.09fa03_cicada

I have been keenly aware of cicadas ever since the summer I turned 13 and spent time on my grandparent’s farm. I found that their song was comforting to me even though many people find them annoying. Cicadas are known for their loud and rather conspicuous songs. I am surprised to find out that most people that I have talked to don’t know what a Cicada looks like and also don’t know that that loud, high pitched sound that they here when the weather is hot and dry is the sound that a Cicada makes. This past year I have had more than ten Cicadas on the fence that surrounds the parking space at the back of the house and have seen 5 or 6 of them in the tree in the front yard.

The first thing that I think about when I hear the Cicadas is about how they make the noises that they make. It is all about vibrations. This made me more aware of the different vibrational levels that we deal with on a daily basis and the fact that I am striving to attain higher more spiritual levels. I’ve been wondering if in my struggles the past number of years I had lost that connection to higher spiritual vibrations as well as the fact that I have become disconnected with my own natural vibrational level. I think that the interference that I have allowed from others has created some disharmony within me in this regard. I think that it is also telling me that my personal vibrations have now moved into a more positive energy.

I know that they have been around to encourage me to improve my communication skills. They have been telling me to speak my heart and to be heard. At the same time they remind me of how I communicate. I know that when I am hurt or upset I can speak harshly and often sarcastically, they remind me to use my voice in a positive way. I think that the Cicada teaches me to find ways of communication that are beneficial to myself and others and I think they inspire me in my music and in my writing.

After doing some reading about the Cicada as a totem there seems to be an agreement that people with Cicadas as their totem can sometimes either be reluctant to know themselves or in a hurry to find out who they are. I think perhaps in some ways throughout my life I have been in both camps on this one. I have vacillated from one extreme to the other. For the last 4 or 5 years the desire to know myself has become almost fanatical at times but thankfully the Cicada totem as well as the Goddess has brought about situations where I have had to sit back and stop the mad pursuit of the depths of my psyche and who I am meant to be and let life progress in a more normal pace. Though this totem lends itself to unearthing the hidden and discerning the differences between reality and illusion it also speaks of patience and doing things in the timing that is appropriate.

I think as well that the Cicada helps me in my becoming. By that I mean that the Cicada aids me in understanding who and what I am; bringing all that I am out of the shadows and into the light or at least into my own awareness. I think that this can manifest itself also as bringing to surface some past life stuff as well. Giving me an awareness not necessarily of the past lives but the lessons learned that have been buried right under the surface and how they affect and influence how I am in the world.

In addition the cicada spends most of its life underground. They live in either 13 or 17 year cycles where they come up from the ground and emerge into the world. I think that my awareness of them being all over the place this past summer has shown me that it is now the time for me to come into my own. It is time for me to come above ground and to live life. No more hiding away from the world, no more avoiding my dreams, goals and wishes. It also has made me aware of the fact that I need to uncover the hidden truths about me, about life and to look beneath the surface – I need to come up and live in the light without fear.