My Charge of the God

October 7th, 2015

jgCernunnosListen to the words of the Great Father, who in days past and present was known as Herne the Hunter, Pan, Cernnunos, Osiris, Odin, Zeus and innumerable other names in a multitude voices.

I am the brilliant sun that fills the skies. I am the soft fingers of light on the Great Mothers breast. I am the sweet, soft kiss of love on her lips. I am the deep primal scream of desire that rises from her tongue. I am the flame of lust in her eyes and the lover in her arms. I am the fiery passion that spreads her open to receive me.  I am the creative seed planted deep within her fertile, dark womb.

I am the sacred lover. I am the vital spark and the heated embrace that ignites the fire of life. I am the growing, and expanding energy that blazes within – joining with her to create and change all things. I am the balance; my light to her darkness, my fire to her flood, my maleness to her femaleness. Together we are the sacred whole.

I am the rising sun, flaming in the sky. I wake you with a morning kiss, my light upon your cheek. I burn away the darkness of night, and draw you into the light of day. I will inspire you and illuminate your path with creativity and wisdom. I will guide you through the paths of life. You will celebrate me as the sun rides the azure skies and as the flames of summer burn.

I am the spirit of the wild. I run free and unfettered. I dance in the dappled light of the oak groves and hide in the deep shadows of the ancient forests. I am the laughing presence in the wild places. My essence the spirit of calm and the peace you find amidst the trees. My songs is heard in the whisper of wind. My darkness hides the mysteries of life and my light reveals them. My secrets warm your soul like the sun on your upturned face. I am the caress of memory in your mind.

I am the essence of all thing sacred and untamed. I am the Lord of the dance, the ancient one whose face is seen in many guises, whose voice is heard in the zephyr’s breath and in the violence of the summer’s storms.  I am the dancing whirlwind and the laughter that calls to you upon the swirling air.7XC0V3yiRwuK4JZVnRXl_zeus

I am the silent listener in the woods. I am the voice of apprehension – the eyes in the dark; that bring terror to the faithless hearts. Cloaked in the darkness of all nature I defend Mother Earth with my body and spear. I am the watching eyes of time.

Follow me into the dark places. Let my light illuminate heart and soul. My flame will burn away the dross and leave the treasure behind. I am the divine male within you. Use my power and strength to create the life you desire – for nothing is beyond you.

I am the stag running in highland meadows. I am the roaring lion on Africa’s untamed savannah.  I am the falcon soaring through the summer’s scorched skies. I am the power and strength of the wild beasts. I am the grace and stealth of the winged ones. Tiny or immense my essence emanates from their forms. I’m the dance of primal joy – wild, exuberant, limitless and free.

And yet, I am the hunter- the sure arrow that pierces the heart, allowing the life blood to flow and seep into the rich, brown earth. I direct the passage of life and death. I am the destroyer and devourer. I am hunter and the hunted. I am the panic and anguish of the prey. I am the power and cunning of the hunter. Living and dying – I am timeless and unending – the keeper of balance.

 I am the sun that warms the frozen ground and the fertile seed that sprouts within the mother’s soil. I am the seed of grain, grown to full measure, waving majestically beneath the shimmering summer sun. I am the shaft of ripened wheat, destined to fall, a sacrifice before the “sickle of time” to nourish and sustain beast and man alike.

I am the grape ripe upon the vine, crushed and poured out as a libation to slake your thirst. I am the wine of laughter, love and joy. I am the sacrifice and the promise of renewal. I return to the earth, as the cycle demands – a life bound to death – bound to life – to be reborn once more. The endless harvest of plenty, the sacrifice of life for life.

I am the keeper at the gate. I will take your hand and whisper to your soul as you breathe your last, and then step with you into the beyond. I will fill your heart with courage and expectation, protecting and guiding you to Crone’s Cauldron of rebirth and transformation. And then when you are reborn I will step onto the new path which you are to create, and walk with you as a companion and guide.

I am as She is.

The source and continuation of the cycle.

I live and die but am always here.

I am the magick in each day, the fertility of earth and imagination, the power of life and death.

I am the Sun God, the Child, the Lover, the Father and the Old Sage, the Great God– ever changing but always the same.

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