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Counter tops, cupboards and appliances… oh my!

Friday, May 18th, 2018

I have a little blessing for my counter tops and my cupboards and my appliances too, that I use when I am cleaning. I know some think that it is silly but to me, it just draws more and more magick into my life. Anyone can use them if they want. I don’t mind sharing. I wrote these a long time ago when I was taking a Kitchen Witchery class and for the most part, I have them memorized. These are the ones that I used today:


For my Cupboards and drawers:

Behind you are hidden the tools of my craft

From garden and forest and even from Kraft

Blessings in boxes and jars on your shelves

Things to bring healing and health to ourselves

So blessings upon you my cupboards and drawers

And thanks for protecting what’s hid by your doors.


For my Counter Tops;

Meals for my family and meals for my mate

On your clean surfaces I will create

Whether cooking or crafting or mixing a brew

You lend your aid to whatever I do

So cleaning you now is the task I employ

To help fill this kitchen with magick and joy


For my Microwave

Fast and quick you reheat our food

Whether boiled or brewed or even if stewed

You light the fire and you bring relief

Because you make reheating so incredibly brief

Bless us with magick upon the mundane

As you are a link in my strong kitchen chain


For my Crockpot/Slow Cooker

When life is all crazy, just hurry and rush

When the running around leaves me all in a flush

You pour out the blessings of food cooked on time

To simply sit down to a meal is divine

No hurry, no rushing a blessing indeed

Thank you dear crockpot for from cooking I’m freed


For my Fridge:

On the cold depths of freezer and fridge

I place this blessing to help cross the bridge

From mundane to magick your aid I request

That all who eat from you will be pleasantly blessed

So guardian of condiment, fruit, veggie and meat

Blessed are you that holds what we eat

Rituals, habits and daily magick

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

00848_BGI don’t know about you but I’m a very routine and ritual oriented person. Perhaps it comes from the fact that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but perhaps its just that I know that it helps me to bring the magick into every day of my life. We all have little rituals that we do whether we realize it or not. The way we do things when we first get up in the morning, the way we put on our clothes, the way we create a meal. All these involve little rituals that we do and they make us feel comfortable, safe and they get the job done so to speak. Another way of referring to these little rituals is to call them habits. Unfortunately the word habit has long since had a negative connotation.

I have read a number of psych books and self help books and most seem to go with the adage that it takes 21 days to break or create a habit… So less than a month to start a new good habit. That worked for me when I decided that I wanted to add some time each day for meditation. I decided to make sure that I added some quiet time to focus on the day each morning and each evening. It didn’t matter really how much time just that I was taking some time. At first it was hard slogging. I would go a few days and I would miss and then I would forget. So I thought about it and said to myself “maybe you are trying to make to much of it.” I decided to just start again with a night time meditation. What better way of ending my day and to be honest it was much easier to do that than try to think about it in the morning when my mind was overrun with all the things that I needed to do that day.

Eventually I got to the 21 days and indeed it did seem to have worked. I naturally felt drawn to meditate before bed. Now I am not saying that there weren’t days that I missed but it has become a habit and one that if I missed I usually could tell by a less restful night. It was a good thing for me. Eventually I added other little ritual habits into my day. Since each morning I would go to the window to pull back the curtains or put up the blinds I took that few moments to address my Goddess and welcome the day. I set a little note on the window sill to remind me and eventually – even before the 21 days I threw out the note. I had added a new little ritual into my life that started me off on the right foot. Got my focus in the right direction each morning and connected me with my Goddess.

Now you are probably going – well doesn’t the fact that it is a daily ritual that I do take away some of the magick. I will admit that during that first few weeks it did seem a little like a chore and a planned tribute but over time as the Goddess blessed my efforts it became a pure joy to come to her each morning and greet her and commune with her for a few minutes before facing the day. I used the same words and process when I was first starting but it very soon became a “planned spontaneity” – a moment that I was going to take to greet her but now it took on a life of its own. No longer is it done by rote but now it is a pleasure and a different conversation each day.

It’s important to me to have these little rituals each day. We can get so very busy that we can often go all day long without taking a minute to commune with our Gods, to see the great beauty in the world and to give thanks for what we have. I don’t want to do that. I want to make sure that every day is fill with that magick. I want to be one who has a grateful heart and vision for a beautiful, magick filled day.

May your day be filled with little rituals that fill your life with magick!

Light, love and laughter


Wolverine – No! I don’t mean Hugh Jackman!

Friday, November 14th, 2014

I thought I would continue with more about some of the totems that I work with. This is just a short… ok short for me discussion of the Wolverine and some of the things that I have learned and experienced with the Wolverine. I think it is important to learn about the nature of the animal you are thinking of working with and its environment as well. It gives you a fuller picture and opens you up to understanding better the nature of the creature you are working with. It also helps you to know how you can help the animal if like the Wolverine it is a threatened or endangered species.

 Gulo 1

After doing some study there are many things that I learned about the wolverine. Though the Native Americans often view the Wolverine as a trickster there are many more positive traits to the Wolverine. The Wolverine is considered to be a messenger between the physical world and the spirit world. I think that in this sense the Wolverine teaches me the skills that it takes to move between the spiritual and the mundane and aids me by helping me to keep a better balance as I do so. This help moving between realms helps me in my desire to be a spiritual teacher and to grow in my own faith and spirituality.

Interestingly enough Wolverine babies are born blind and are very tiny (less than a pound at birth.) However despite being blind and so very small they have a great sense of smell and touch. This enables them to find food and know their enemies even when they are so very young. They are known to be very intelligent and have strong intuitive senses. This makes a lot of sense to me. Having had the opportunity to observe a Wolverine in the wild on more than one occasion I think that this is likely one of the ways that the Wolverine helps me personally. The sense of intuition combined with the intelligence encourages me to continue to develop not only my “brain” intelligence but also to work on developing and trusting my intuition.

The colour of the Wolverine helps it in camouflaging. You would be surprised at how hard it can be to see one in the shadows and even when out in the open it can blend in to seem like part of its surroundings. The First Nations people from the Northern Ontario region view the Wolverine as a type of shape shifter. They see the Wolverine as being of the “medicine of space and time.” I think that in this way the Wolverine helps me to move from situation to situation being what I need to be for that particular situation. But also like I mentioned above it helps in having a successful move from the physical to the spiritual realms and back again.

Wolverines are also noted for being very cunning. Technically the definition of cunning can indicate shrewdness, slyness, or even deception but it also means the ability to do something with great skill and agility. I think that the Wolverine totem aids me by drawing in the skills and abilities that I have and helping me to hone them into a more practical and helpful tool for my growth. I am not saying that the whole idea of cunning as in being shrewd or sly or even deceptive is not applicable but for the most part that is not a trait that I try to draw upon in my life. However there are times in my life (as with anyone else) where there may be the need to show those traits in order to help protect oneself and make sure that one survives difficult situations. I know that in dealing with this situation with Daniel that I have had to incorporate some of these traits in order to get out of the situation and stay safe. So there is a place for these traits that the Wolverine brings as well.

Having seen a Wolverine hunt, attack and kill I know firsthand how ferocious, tenacious and strong this creature is. The Wolverine does not give up the hunt easily. It takes on the challenge and sees it through to the end. This animal is completely focused on its task and one should beware of getting in its way. I think that the Wolverine has a particularly strong impact on me in this way. One of the things that almost every friend that I have would say is that I finish what I start, I don’t (or rarely) quit and that I can bowl others over in my intensity and single minded focus. I think that the Wolverine helps me to be strong and tenacious (ok maybe stubborn in some cases would be a better word) and that when I “sink my teeth in” to something that I want or need I will not often be persuaded to let go until I achieve my goal. I think that the Wolverine brings the gift of endurances and an attitude of “never give up – never quit!”

This animal is one of the most wild and ferocious in North America. I think that when it appears in one’s life that it is time to be active in striving after what it is that I seek. Whether that be hunting down the dreams and goals that I have laid aside or seeking wisdom and knowledge I think that the Wolverine totem encourages me to fight for it – tooth and nail if need be. I think that like the Wolverine who is not known for ever backing down that this totem is encouraging me to stand up for what I believe in, what I want in my life and not bow to the desires of everyone and be the person that I want to be.

On the other side the Wolverine power and energy can be completely overwhelming and I think that this is the warning of the Wolverine – to find the balance. Know when to use your power and when to hold back. The Wolverine seems to have an innate understanding of what to do and when. It seems to walk the balance very well. I think that this totem helps me to know what to do in the moment and helps me to keep to the path.

I found an interesting website and I am going to list here the “Wisdom” that the Wolverine is said to have/bring. I think that they are all very appropriate from what I know of the creature and from the experience I have had working with it over the last few weeks.  I could go on into a further discussion of what these particular ideas mean to me but I think that at this point I have touched on the ideas that are most relevant to me.

Wolverine’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Last phantom of the wilderness
  • Hyena of the North
  • Master of the Forest
  • Trickster hero
  • Magical link between the material and the spirit worlds
  • Revenge
  • Craftiness
  • Understands how to satisfy appetites
  • Ability to travel in very cold places
  • Understanding aggression
  • Protection against attackers
  • Multilevel protection
  • Standing your ground
  • Fierceness
  • Elusiveness
  • Gluttony
  • Cleverness
  • Strength
  • Non-retreat
  • Endurance
  • Effective attack
  • Courage